Yantai University

Why Study at Yantai University, China

Yantai University’s motto is to be honest, modest and natural. Its coat of arms is constituted by a dolphin and ocean flows, delegating intellectual and mind opening respectively. The majority of students registering in Yantai University are Shandong natives, and its graduates are best known as honest, diligent, and erudite. 

In 2008, the university had 21 faculties and provides 49 programs covering arts, law, science, education, management, medicine, music, engineering, continuing education, international culture. The university library serves the community with 1,680,000 physical bibliographies and 700,000 electronic items.

1. History 

Yantai University, located in Laishan District of Yantai City, is a key comprehensive university in Shandong Province. With the Yellow Sea to the east and green mountains to the west, Yantai University enjoys beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate. Yantai University was established in July, 1984, under approval from Educational Commission of China (now Ministry of Education). Peking University and Tsinghua University, the two most prestigious universities in China, have put their assistance to Yantai University in their long-term strategic plan to ensure its fast and steady development. In 1995, Yantai University passed the National Evaluation on undergraduate teaching and was one of the top universities in the 2004 national evaluation. What’s more, Yantai University was awarded the qualification for graduate education in 1998.  

2. Discipline and programs 

Yantai University consists of 21 schools and colleges, 46 research centers, and 56 undergraduate majors covering up to ten curriculums, including Liberal Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, Agriculture, Medicine, Economics, Management, Education, and Art. At present, there are 28,000 students enrolled including baccalaureate and associate degree students, as well as graduate and foreign students. The students who are studying at the baccalaureate level are from 31 different provinces and regions. Moreover, Yantai University covers an area of 1.4 million square meters, with a total building floor space of 935, 000 square meters and a library of 43,800 square meters. The total value of the teaching equipment amounts to 240 million CNY. 

3. Academic facilities and scientific research 

Yantai University has meticulously organized the composition of faculty in terms of degree, age, academic rank, discipline, and specialization. Presently the university has 1,158 teachers, among whom 663 are full and associate professors, 317 have doctoral degrees (accounting for 27.5% of the total number of teachers), and 545 have master’s degree (accounting for 47.1% of the total number of teachers). The number of teachers with master’s degrees or above consitute 74.6% of the total faculty. In addition, it has one member in the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), one member on the Hundred Outstanding National Teachers list recognized by the Ministry of Education, one candidate for the New Century National Excellence Project, twelve experts entitled to the Special Allowance from the State (China) Council, three teachers included on the National Excellent Teachers list, one panel judge of the National Foundation for Social Science, one person listed on New Century Excellent Personnel awarded by the Ministry of Education, eight experts recognized by Shandong Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contribution granted by Shandong Provincial Government, and four teachers recognized as Shandong Province Outstanding Lecturers. Yantai University currently employs over three hundred internationally and nationally known scholars and thirteen part-time academicians in various disciplines. 

4. Great achievements 

The total area of the library is 43,800 square meters and about 1.7 million books, 0.8 electronic books, 11,000 video tapes, and 10,000 Chinese and foreign dictionaries. We also have introduced 34 Chinese and foreign databases and the campus offer internet access to every student. Significant achievements in research have been made by our faculty and alumni. We have made many scholarly contributions to society. Yantai University has become an influential comprehensive university, both in China and in the world. 

5. Communication and international cooperation 

In 2005, cooperated with Japanese UG CITY Architecture Kabushiki Kaisha, the school established UG CITY Architecture and Urban planning research center in Yantai University. The center competed with many famous international and national architectural design institutes in several design biddings and finally won out, such as Urban Design of Binhai East Road in Yantai, and Urban Design of key coastal locality in Penglai. According to the cooperation programs, three famous Japanese architects have given wonderful academic reports to the students, and 10 teachers of the Architecture Specialty had visited Japanese cities and buildings separately in 2006 and 2007. 

In 1998, 4 students majored in architecture went to Santiago to participate in the international cooperative design. In 2001, our students collaborated with other students from the USA, Mexico and Russian to design Pacific Rim Park for the Yantai city. In 2004, 1 teacher and 4 students went to Mexico to design and construct Pacific Rim Park for the Yantai city. In 2004, 1 teacher and 4 students went to Mexico to design and construct Pacific Rim Park. In 2009, 4 students designed and built Pacific Rim Park in Philippine. In 2013, 4 students designed and built Pacific Rim Park in Korea. Yantai University has established partnerships with over seventy universities and institutions around the world, including cooperative programs with Republic of Korea and Norway. Now we receive about six hundred international students every year. 


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