Yunnan Agricultural University

Admission at Yunnan Agricultural University, China for International Education

Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium

Yunnan Agricultural University admits foreign students in Biotechnology taught in English.

1. Applicant Qualification

(1). Outstanding academic performance, mentally & physically healthy, 18-25 years old with high-school graduation certificate. 

(2). Non-Chinese passport holder 

(3). Good English proficiency for English Medium programs.

2. Application Materials:

(1) Application form;

(2) Notarized scan copy of high school diploma and high school transcript;

(3) High school candidates shall submit the scan copy of graduation certification issued by the school. After graduating from high school, please submit the scan copy of admission graduation certificate;

(4) Three recent photos without hat (2 inch); 

(5) Scan copy of passport (photo page, visa page or residence permit);

(6) College students, besides the above materials, also need to provide the transcript and on-campus certificate; if international students who are already in one of Chinese universities tend to transfer to our university, they shall provide a transfer certificate; 

(7) Applicants below 18, shall provide a certificate of notarization in China (the guardian shall live in Kunming, the Chinese or foreigners who have economic origin); 

(8) Scan copy of English proficiency certificate.

(9) For the Chinese getting foreign citizenship satisfied the condition, they need to submit:

a. Scan copy of an application to the proof of citizenship;

b. Scan copy of the cancellation of the original China proof of residence; 

c. Scan copy of the last 4 years of the passport immigration signature page (the original reference); 

d. Study experience abroad in recent 2 years study.

3. Duration and tuition Fees: 

Undergraduate  program at Yunnan Agricultural University takes 4 years.  

Tuition fee is 14,000 CNY per year. 

4. Intake Every Year:

September Intake

Doctoral Degree/PHD Programs in English Medium

Doctorate programs at Yunnan Agricultural University admit international students in English taught courses which lead to doctorate degree including Crop Genetics and Breeding, Animal Breeding & Genetics and Reproduction, Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Special Animal Husbandry, Agrostology, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control, Pesticide Science, Invasion Biology, Plant Nutrition and Disease Control, Food Resource and Nutrition Engineering.

1. Applicant Qualification

(1) Applicants should be healthy physically and mentally, well behaved, non-Chinese passport holder, generally no older than 40 years old;

(2) Acquiring master’s degree or higher level of diploma;

(3) Good English proficiency for English Medium programs.

2. Application Materials 

(1) Application form

(2) Scan copy of the notarized Master's degree certificate and a Bachelor's degree certificate (or pre-graduation certificate, degree certificate is required to submit when applicants register at our university.) 

(3) Scan copy of transcript. Applicants for Doctoral program must submit a master's degree and undergraduate transcript.

(4)  Scan copy of the applicant's passport (personal information page).

(5) Scan copy of the recommendation letters from two associate professors or scholars of the corresponding professional title (phone number and email addresses of referees are needed). 

(6). Scan copy of a study plan and a brief introduction of the research experience.

(7). Scan copy of English proficiency certificate.

3. Duration and Tuition Fees

Doctoral degree programs at Yunnan Agricultural University take 3-4 years.  

Tuition fees are 22,000 CNY/year.

4. Intake Every Year:

September Intake



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