Zhejiang University of Technology

Why Study at Zhejiang University of Technology, China

Brief Introduction

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) is a comprehensive key university owned by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, it is situated in Hangzhou, a picturesque historical and cultural city in China.

1. History

As a century-old university established in 1953 and originating from 1910, Zhejiang University of Technology has gone through various historical periods, namely Hangzhou Chemical Engineering School administered by the Ministry of Heavy Industry of the Central Government, Zhejiang Secondary Chemical School, Zhejiang Chemical College, Zhejiang Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University of Technology.

In December 1993, Zhejiang Institute of Technology was officially renamed as Zhejiang University of Technology. In November 1994, Economic Administrative College of Zhejiang Province was merged into the University. In March 2001, Constructional Materials College of Zhejiang Province was merged into the University.

2. Overview of Campus

Zhejiang University of Technology now consists of 3 campuses, covering a total area of over 213 hectares, with a floor space of 840,000 square meters. It has 27 colleges and 1 department. At present, there are 37494 full-time students, including 8567 postgraduate students and 665 PhD candidates. Besides, there are around 20,000 part-time students and about 915 international students from many countries are studying at Zhejiang University of Technology.

3. Excellent Faculty and academic facilities

Zhejiang University of Technology equips itself with an excellent team of faculties. The University has a staff of 3,515, amongst whom over 515 are professors, 1036 are associate professors, and 1349 have PhD degrees. Now Zhejiang University of Technology has two academician of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering) and three academicians of CAE and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) whom Zhejiang University of Technology share with other institutions. The value of the university’s assets totals about CNY 2.69 billion. Its 60,000-square-metre library houses over 5.3 million books (including electronic books) and over 17,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals.

4.Discipline Construction

As a provincial key comprehensive university, Zhejiang University of Technology offers not only engineering courses, but also a large range of disciplines like science, liberal arts, law, agriculture, philosophy, economics, pharmaceutical science, management, education and art. And with a national key laboratory and a post-doctoral program, the University is entitled to confer degrees of master, doctor, MBA. In addition, it has been granted the right to recommend outstanding undergraduates as candidates for graduate programs in other universities without entrance examinations and the right to recruit international students as well as students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

5. Great Achievements and Prospect

Zhejiang University of Technology has made remarkable achievements. The university has been awarded the following honors: the national advanced grass-roots Party organization, the national advanced university of Party construction and ideological and political work, Model University of managing the university by law by Ministry of Education, national Advanced Group of general institute of higher education in graduates employment, Model Collective of Zhejiang Province. With the implement of rejuvenating the country through science and education and construction of innovative country, Zhejiang University of Technology should shoulder the heavy responsibilities, strive to build a comprehensive research university with distinctive regional characteristics and make contributions for the revitalization of regional economic growth, social progress and prosperity of the country.

The University aims to become a comprehensive research university with strong local characteristics. By the end of 2010, the scientific research funds have amounted to about 3.2 billion CNY.

6. International Communication and Cooperation

Having established interscholastic cooperative relationship with about 60 colleges and universities from America, England, France, German, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Russia, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, etc, and about 10 colleges and universities from Hong Kong and Macao, Zhejiang University of Technology becomes more and more active in external exchange, and makes great progress in many aspects, such as dual culture of students, academic exchange between teachers and scientific research, running schools with foreign countries, introduction of overseas intelligence, education of overseas students, teaching Chinese as foreign language, etc. So far, ZJUT has been entitled to recruit overseas students with Chinese government scholarship, CIS scholarship and scholarship of Zhejiang Government. International students from about 75 countries and areas come here to study Chinese language and culture, undergraduate courses and master courses.



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