Zhengzhou University School of Medicine

Canteens in Zhengzhou University School of Medicine, China

There are canteens in each garden of Zhengzhou University School of Medicine: Heyuan, Liuyuan, Juyuan and Songyuan. Songyang Restaurant is located in Songyuan. It is very convenient for international students to have meals in the nearest campus canteen. Canteens are equipped with air conditioners and TV sets and provide various flavors of cuisines and snacks, including rice and cooked wheaten food. There is also a cafeteria of hot pot. International students also have access to Muslim canteen. Besides, there is also a public kitchen in the international student hostel and international students can cook some simple meals in the dormitory.
Zhengzhou University School of Medicine is highly praised for the delicious and various food with low price by international students.
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