Zibo Vocational Institute

Why Study at Zibo Vocational Institute, China

Brief Introduction

Zibo Vocational Institute, is a government-sponsored full-time higher vocational institute approved by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China and supported by People’s government of Zibo, and distinctive for its technical skills talents cultivation. In 2007, the Institute was honorably selected as one of the 100 National Demonstration Vocational Institutes by the Ministry of Education.and one of National Demonstration Vocational Colleges. Located in Zibo City, the school is spread out over three campuses. 
Zibo Vocational Institute was founded in 1956 as Zibo Commercial College, located in Zibo, one of Chinese most historic cities and the birthplace of ancient Qi culture. In 2002, it reconstructed as the Zibo Science and Technology Vocational Institute, then in 2009, Zibo Science and Technology Vocational Institute and Shandong Light Industry&Fine Arts College merged as Zibo Vocational Institute. In 2007, it was elected as the National Demonstration Vocational College.
2. Discipline and Programs
Zibo Vocational Institute offers 74 programs for vocational education for building the comprehensive development in engineering, business, medicine, arts, foreign languages, social programs,etc..Currently, there are 19 colleges and departments with over 25,000 full time students. For example, Mechanic and Electronic Engineering School, Automobile Engineering Department, Electrical and Electronic Engineering School, Information Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Pharmacy and Biological Engineering Department, Construction Engineering School, Accounting School, Business Administration School, Tourism Management Department, Nursing School, Medical Technology School, Pharmacology Department, Art Design Department, Animation Art Department, Culture and Media Department, these departments provide the excellent professional education in various fields.
3. Academic Facilities and Scientific Research
Zibo Vocational Institute is divided into 3 campuses and covers a total land area of about 2000 mu(329 acre). There are 1387 faculty spread the three campuses. Its faculty counts 55 professors, 325 associate professors, 50 doctors, 667 master degrees teachers, 749 professional teachers. At present, it has 2 national excellent teachers, 1 national model teacher, 2 national excellent teaching teams, 4 national vocational education training bases, 8 national key construction programs, and 9 national excellent courses. The advanced teaching instruments values 164 million rmb, the library covers a collection of 1.86 million.  It also invests over 40 million rmb to construct the intelligent campus, builds over 1000 on and off campus practical training bases. To promote the research development, it has built 1 provincial engineering technology research center, 11 municipal engineering technology research centers, and 1 school research center. 
4.Great Achievement
Zibo Vocational Institute enjoys a good reputation in the outstanding performance of engineering and business, potential development of medicine and liberal arts studies. In 2006, it won the excellent level in the talents training education. In 2007, it was elected as the national demonstration higher vocational institute. Since 2010, it awarded over 500 national level, provincial level, municipal level honors. In recent years, it was selected as the national “Top 50 Service of Higher Vocational Institutes”, and ranked 7 in the top 30 national hundreds of demonstration vocational institutes. In the scientific achievements, it has 2 national scientific research projects, and awards 372 scientific achievements in national, provincial and municipal level. There are over 3022 academic papers published in domestic and foreign journals, among them, 197 papers are included in SCI, EI. Besides, there are 524 authorized patents contained 17 invention patents. 
5.Communication and International Cooperation
Zibo Vocational Institute is actively developing the “One Belt and One Road” for connecting these foreign countries education along the road. At present, it has built the cooperation with 59 universities and institutes from 13 foreign countries like US, France, Australia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.. In recent 3 years, over 200 domestic students study abroad for exchange, further study or work. Meanwhile, over 300 international students from US, France, Russia,  Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Algeria, Pakistan, Ukraine study short-term language programs or long-term degree programs here. It has opens 2 international cooperative education programs for promoting the international education.
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