Anhui Medical University

Medical Overseas Students at Anhui Medical University, China

There are around 600 international students from more than 50 countries studying medical programs at Anhui Medical University. Anhui Medical University has a multinational student’s body from more than 40 countries, including America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, South Asian and EU countries. Anhui Medical University has been listed as one of the medical universities which have reached the quality control standards of enrolling international students issued by the Education Ministry of China.

Anhui Medical University attaches great importance to international education and international students. School of International Education has been set up in full charge of international students and all the related foreign affairs. International students enjoy the colorful life in Anhui Medical University and in China, which also enriches the campus culture and promotes cultural communication and cooperation between China and foreign countries.
With the development of international education, Anhui Medical University will continually improve the teaching and administration mechanism, speed up the construction of basic facilities and infrastructures, which can make every international student, feel our warmth and harmony and bear in mind the affection for Anhui Medical University.
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