Anhui Normal University

Programs in Anhui Normal University, China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs :
- Duration: 4 years
Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs
(1)Broadcasting and Hosting
(2)Food Science and Engineering  
(3)Food Quality and Safety 
(4)Ecological engineering of environment  
(5)Environmental Engineering 
(6)Environmental Science 
(7)Leisure sports 
(8)Physical Education 
(9)Land Resources Management 
(10)Tourism Management
(11)Geographic information science 
(12)Land Resources Management 
(13)Applied Biological Science 
(14)Biological Technology 
(15)Chemistry Engineering and Technical Process 
(16)Optical Information Science and Engineering 
(17)Network and New Media  
(18)Electronics and Communication Engineering 
(19)Electronic and Information Engineering 
(20)Computer Science and Technology
(21)Mathematics and Applied Mathematics 
(22)Music Performance 
(23)Educational Technology 
(24)Applied Psychology 
(25)Preschool Education 
(27)Public Service Administration 
(28)Logistics Management  
(29)Human Resources Management 
(30)Economic Statistics
(31)The Science of Law 
(32) Film and TV Production 
2. Master Degree/Postgraduate/PG Programs:
- Duration: 3 years
Details please read at Master Degree Programs
(1)Curriculum and Teaching Methodology 
(2)Theory of Literature and Art 
(3)Linguistics and Applied Linguistics 
(5)Comparative Literature & World Literature  
(6)Foreign Philosophy  
(7) The Subject Of The Constitutional Law & The Administrative Law 
(8)Basic Principles of Marxism 
(9) Ideological and Political Education 
(10) Civil law and Commercial Law 
(11) Criminal Law   
(12) Children's Organizational Ideology and Moral Education 
(13)Preschool Education 
(14)Modern Educational Technology 
(15)Science of Human Body in Sports 
(16)Probability and Statistics 
(17)World History 
(18)Computational Mathematics 
(19)Operational Research and Cybernetics
(21)Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (Physics) 
(22)Condensed Matter Physics 
(23)Technology of the Internet of Things
(24)Radio Physics 
(25)Inorganic Chemistry 
(26)Polymer and Physical Chemistry 
(27)Material Physics and Chemistry
(29)Developmental Biology 
(30)Biochemistry &Molecular Biology
(31) Regional Economics
(32)Land Resources Management 
(33)Physical Education Humanities and Sociology 
(34)Leisure and Healthcare 
(35)Public Administration and Service 
(36)Information Resource Service and Research 
(37)Science of Local Government 
(38)Journalism and Communication 
(39)Theoretical Economics
(40) Photoelectric Material Design and Preparation
3. Doctoral Degree/PHD Programs:
- Duration: 3 years
Details please read at Doctoral Degree Programs
(1)Ideological and Political Education 
(2)Basic Theory of Marxism
(3)Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics 
(4)Chinese Philology 
(5)Literary Theory 
(6)Ancient Chinese Literature 
(7)Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature 
(8)Traditional Culture and Education Development in China 
(9)Ancient Chinese History 
(10)Modern and Contemporary Chinese History 
(12)Human geography  
(17)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
(20) Aquatic Biology
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