Anhui University of Technology

Why Study at Anhui University of Technology, China

Anhui University of Technology (AHUT) was founded in 1958. It is a multidisciplinary university with engineering as its focus, while maintaining balanced programs in science, management, humanities, economics, law and arts. The university is located in Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province, a city with titles of “National Civilized City”, “National Garden City”, “Top Quality Environment City”, “National Tourism City”, and with 40 kilometers to Nanjing, the “Capital City for Six Dynasties in Ancient China”.
1. Overview of Campus
Anhui University of Technology consists of 2 campuses, covering a total area of 1.64 million square meters. Anhui University of Technology recruits students from all over the country and started to accept international students in 2001. Currently, it has 19,813 undergraduate students and over 2,303 graduate students. The libraries on the two campuses provide access to 2.67 million collections and a variety of high quality academic databases, e Journals, and e Books.
2. Excellent Faculty and Programs
Anhui University of Technology has a faculty of over 1,230, including 600 full professors or associate professors. Anhui University of Technology has 19 schools (or divisions) with 67 bachelor-degree programs, 81 master-degree programs, and 8 doctor-degree programs.
3. Great Achievements
Anhui University of Technology has 2 national-level, 17 provincial or ministerial-level research centers or institutes, and 12 provincial-level key disciplines. Anhui University of Technology is a key institution of higher learning in Anhui Province, one of the 100 key universities in central and western China receiving privileged support from the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE), and also a higher institution listed by MOE for implementing “Outstanding Engineering Education Plan”. Its undergraduate teaching is rated “Excellence” in MOE’s national teaching-quality assessment.
4. International Communication and Cooperation
Anhui University of Technology attaches great importance to opening up. It has cooperative ties with over 30 higher education institutions in a number of countries and regions including America, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan of China, etc. With its international partners, the university carries out faculty and student exchange programs, student joint training programs. Anhui University of Technology has also established quite a few international research centers and institutes for inter-collegial and inter-governmental scientific research projects in the fields of industrial technology, economic management, culture and education. On its way to becoming a high-level university with more distinctive features, Anhui University of Technology is always ready to cooperate and exchange globally.
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