Agriculture Degree Program in China - Basic Veterinary Medicine

 1. Introduction

Basic veterinary medicine is composed of two parts: animal pathology and animal pharmacology.

2. Training Objectives

Master the basic theory, systematic professional knowledge and practical skills of clinical veterinary science, understand the direction of development at home and abroad; be able to skillfully read professional books and write an abstract of a paper; a preliminary engage in independent organization of veterinary teaching and scientific research, and conducts researches with certain innovation content.

3. Program Direction

1) Pharmacology and new preparations of Chinese and western veterinary drug;

2) Veterinary clinical pathology and animal histology.

4. Training Modes

Course study can take lectures, presentations and discussion and learning designated books under the guidance of a mentor, writing learning reports, to cultivate the ability of independent access to knowledge and analyzing and solving problems. Production practice: in order to make the students master the clinical diagnosis and treatment skills, improve the ability to solve practical problems, the production practice must be paid importance. College affiliated veterinary hospitals or local veterinary hospitals, stations, livestock farms, veterinary medicine factories with good conditions and many cases can be used for production practice, the cumulative time should be no less than a month, through the submission of case reports or medical summary appraisal. Qualified students can participate in veterinary clinical practice examination of degree courses.

5. Main Courses

Pharmacology of higher animals

Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine


Pharmacology of traditional Chinese Medicine


Cell biology

Histology of higher animals

Histochemistry and immunohistochemistry

Vertebrate embryology and developmental engineering

Pathology of higher animals

Pathology of animal cell

Pathological diagnosis technology

Modern animal biochemistry and molecular biology

Basics of veterinary medicine

Molecular biology

Biochemistry of higher animals


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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