Agriculture Programs in china taught in English for foreign students

Plant Production:

Agronomy, Crop Science, Crop Cultivation, Farming System, Horticulture,

Plant Protection, Seed Science and Engineering, Plant Nutrition,

Processing and Storage Engineering of Agricultural Products,

Olericulture, Pomology, Tea Science, Plant Pathology, Pharmaceutical Botany,

Pesticides, Botany

Nature and Enviorment: 

Agricultural Resources and Environment, Wildlife and Nature Reserve Management,

Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control, Wetland Science,

Agrology, Industrial Ecology, Agricultural Meteorology,

Animal  Science:

Animal Science, Animal Genetics, Animal Reproduction, Animal Husbandary Science,

Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Animal and Plant Quarantine,

Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Basic Veterinary Medicine,

Animal Pharmacy, Veterinary Drug Production, Animal Medical Science,

Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control


Forestry, Landscape Garden, Forest Protection, Tree Genetics and Breeding,

Aquatic Products:

Aquaculture Science, Aquatic Product Processing and Storage Engineering,

Aquatic Feed Manufacturing, Fishing Science, Fishery Resources,


Grassland Science, Weed Science

Agriculture Engineering:

Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization and Its Automation,

Agricultural Electrification, Agricultural Water Conservancy Project,

Agricultural Building Environment and Energy Engineering,

Agricultural Remote Sensing

Forestry Engineering:

Forest Engineering, Wood Science and Engineering, Chemical Industry of Forest Products,

Food Science and Engineering:

Food Science and Engineering, Food Engineering, Dairy Engineering,

Wine Making Engineering, Sugar Manufacture Engineering, Fermentation Technology,

Grape and Wine Engineering, Food Quality and Safety,

Food Nutrition and Detection, Grain and Oil Storage and Detection Technology,




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