Engineering Degree Program in China - Wine Making Engineering

1. Introduction

Wine Making Engineering major takes chemistry, biology and engineering as the foundation, a comprehensive crossing discipline of natural science, engineering and agriculture that studies the modern high quality wine brewing process, art appreciation and marketing concepts of scientific theory and application. It is an important component of biological engineering, food science and engineering, horticulture science and sensory evaluation of art and comprehensive reflection, the basic task is to high-quality wine grapes as raw material, using the advanced theory of the modern food and biological engineering and new and high technology, brewing with specific cultural connotation and typical sensory quality series of high-quality wine products; and through the organic combination of the advanced marketing concepts and elegant art appreciation, to promote the wine healthy consumption. The professional in addition to the traditional grape and wine production, but also extended to art appreciation, marketing management, promotion of culture, food and nutrition, medicine and health care, quality control, engineering design in the field of biological engineering, food science and nutrition and culture and art plays more and more important role.

2. Training Objectives

Wine making engineering takes solid scientific theory, engineering technology and practical training as the support, aims at training advanced engineering and technical personnel with biology, and basic knowledge of chemistry, microbiology, engineering and management theory, system engineering theory, the wine master professional knowledge and professional skills, in wine production, processing, circulation and related to education, research, import and export trade, health monitoring, safety management and other departments, scientific research, technology development, product development, engineering design in the wine or related products, production management, quality control, product sales, cultural promotion, inspection and quarantine, education work, with broad knowledge and ability to adapt to various fields.

3. Training Requirements

Wine making engineering students mainly study brewing professional technical knowledge and ability, has certain skills of data analysis and processing, the basic ability of basic laboratory, knowledge of engineering and mechanical design, basic knowledge and skills of microorganisms, food chemistry and analysis, enterprise management and economic analysis.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Study the basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills of grape cultivation, wine brewing, enterprise management and marketing;

2) Accept the basic training of modern food industry, such as grape cultivation and breeding, wine fermentation engineering, bio technology and engineering;

3) With the basic ability of being engaged in industrial planning, design, production, management, marketing and new technology research, new product development in the field of grape cultivation and wine industry.

5. Main Courses

Analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, animal physiology, biochemistry, biology, molecular biology, microbiology, grape varieties and cultivation, fruit storage hide preservation, wine brewing, wine assessment, wine engineering, wine estate design and management, food nutrition and hygiene, practical corporate governance, marketing, etc.

6. Featured Courses

Organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, microbial breeding, principles of chemical engineering, fermentation technology and equipment, liquor brewing process, wine flavor chemistry, economics and management courses, biochemical engineering, bio industry downstream technology.

7. Experiment

Experiment of wine grape varieties, grape cultivation experiment, experiment of wine brewing, wine tasting experiment, food nutrition and hygiene experiment, etc.

8. Practice

Course practice, production practice, graduation practice, scientific research, social practice, etc

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in teaching, scientific research and development, production management, inspection, product marketing and technical service in the field of wine brewing science and engineering.


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