Engineering & Technology Programs in China taught in English for Foreign student


Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation, Micro Electro Mechanical System Engineering

Machinery Technology, Numerical Control, Mold Design and Manufacture, Electric Machine and Electric Appliance,

Structural Engineering, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering,

Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Sports Equipment Engineering

Fluid Machinery, Biomechanical Engineering, Embedded System,


Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Automobile Manufacture and Assembly Technology,

Automobile Engineering,

3.Instrument and Meter:

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, Instrument and Meter Engineering,

4. Materials:

Materials Science and Engineering, Material Physics, Material Chemistry, Metallurgical Engineering,

Metal Material Engineering, Inorganic Non Metallic Materials Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering,

Composite Materials and Engineering, Welding Technology and Engineering, Nano Materials and Technology,

Functional Materials, New Energy Materials and Devices, Gemmology and Materials Technology,

Powder Materials Science and Engineering, Biological Materials, Mineral Materials, Hollow Fiber Membrane,

Nondestructive Testing Technology, Renewable Resource Science and Technology, Biomimetic Materials,

Building Materials Engineering Technology, Building Decoration Materials, Membrane Technology,

5.Energy and Power:

Energy and Power Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering,

Thermal Engineering, Wind Energy and Power Engineering, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, Clean Energy,

Refrigeration and Cold Storage Technology,  

6. Electrical and Electric Power:

Lighting Source and Illumination, Smart Grid Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation,

Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, High Voltage Insulation Engineering,

Electric Power Engineering Management,

7. Electronic Information and Communication:

Underwater Acoustic Engineering, Acoustic Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering,

Electronic Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Microelectronics Science and Engineering,

Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering, Information Engineering, Electronic Packaging Technology,

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Antenna, Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology, Optical Engineering

Signal and Information Processing, Telecommunications Engineering with Management, Radio and Television Engineering,

Integrated Circuit Design and Integration System, Vacuum Electronic Technology, Optical Fiber Communications,

Postal Communication, Programmed Switching Technology, Satellite Digital Technology, Mobile Communication Technology,

Communication Network and Equipment, Sound Engineering, Liquid Crystal Display and Optoelectronic Technology,

 8. Automation: 

Automation Control Technology,

9. Computer: 

Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Information Security,

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Digital Media Technology,

Intelligence Science and Technology, Spatial Information and Digital Technology, Evolved Packet Core,

Social Computing, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, Artificial Intelligence, Sensing Technology,

10. Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage,

Building Electricity and Intelligence, Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering,

City Underground Space Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Urban Planning, Fire Fighting Engineering,

Urban Gas Engineering Technology, Highway Mechanization Construction Technology,

11. Water conservancy

Harbor Waterway and Coastal Engineering, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Hydro Structure Engineering,

Urban Water Conservancy, Agricultural Water Conservancy Technology, Irrigation and Drainage Technology,

Water Project, Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering,

River Engineering and Management, Equipment and Management of Hydropower Station,

 12. Surveying and Mapping:

Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Remote Sensing Science and Technology, Navigation Engineering,

Geodesy and Survey Engineering, Photogrammetry,

 13. Chemical and pharmaceutical:

Chemical Engineering and Technology, Energy Chemical Engineering, Resource Recycling Science and Engineering,

Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology, Polymer Production Technology, Chemical Equipment and Machinery,

Organic Chemical Production Technology, Fine Chemicals Production Technology, Petrochemical Production Technology,

Petroleum Refining Technology, Chemical Fiber Production Technology,

14. Geology :

Geological Engineering, Exploration Technology and Engineering, Resource Exploration Engineering,

Geotechnical Engineering, Groundwater Science and Engineering,

15. Mining: 

Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering, Digital Mine,

Mineral Process Engineering, Mineral Resources Engineering, Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering,

Mineralogy, Drilling Engineering,

 16. Textile:

Textile Engineering, Fashion Design and Engineering, Nonwoven Materials and Engineering, Textile Inspection and Trade,

Textile Chemistry and Dying and Finishing Engineering,

17.  Light Industry:

Light Chemical Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Printing Engineering, Dyeing and Finishing Technology,

Flavor and Fragrance Technology, Pulping and Paper Making Technology, Publishing and Issuing,

Leather Products Design and Technology, Polymer Material Manufacturing Technology, Electronic Publishing Technology,

Light Industry Technology and Engineering,

18. Transportation:

Transportation, Traffic Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Transportation Planning,

Transportation Equipment and Control Engineering,

19. Railway Transportation:

Railway Vehicles, Railway Engineering Technology, Railway Traffic Operation and Management,

Railway Communication Signal, Railway Locomotive Vehicle, High Speed Railway Technology,

Electrified Railway Technology,

20. Pipeline Transportation:

Pipeline Transportation Management, Pipeline Engineering Construction, Pipeline Engineering Technology,

21. Port Transportation:

Port Logistics Management, Port Engineering Technology, Port Service Management, Port and Shipping Management,

Custom Clearance and International Transportation, Container Transportation Management,

Port Logistics Equipment and Automatic Control,

22.  Urban Rail Transportation:

Urban Rail Transit Control, Urban Rail Transit Engineering Technology,

Urban Rail Transit Vehicle, Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit,

23. Navigation and Marine Engineering:

Navel Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Marine Resources Exploitation Technology, Ocean Oil and Gas Engineering,

Navigation Technology, Marine Engineering, Rescue and Salvage Engineering,

Ship Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Waterway Engineering Technology, Vessel Inspection,

 24. Aerospace:

Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering, Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering, Aerocraft Manufacture Engineering,

Flight Vehicle Propulsion Engineering, Aircraft Environment and Life Support Engineering, Aviation Communication Technology,

Air Traffic Management, Aviation Electrical and Electronic Technology, Flight Technology, Aviation Logistics,

 25. Environment:

Environmental Science and Engineering, Environmental Ecological Engineering, Resources and Environmental Science,

Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering, Water Quality Science and Technology, Green Technologies,

Radiation Protection and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Remote Sensing, Industrial Ecology,

 26. Architecture:

Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Protection Engineering for Historical Building,

Low Carbon Building, Engineering Supervision, Construction Equipment Engineering Technology,

Engineering Cost, Architectural Engineering, Heating and Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology,

Building Electrical Engineering Technology,

 27. Safety Science and Engineering:

Safety Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering,

28. Public Security Technology:

Fire Engineering, Public Order Audio-Visual Technology, Network Security and Law Enforcement,

Rescue Command and Technology,

 29.  Meteorology:

Lightning Science and Technology, Lightning-Proof Technology, Applied Meteorology Technology,

Atmospheric Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Detection,

30. Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering:

Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Stem Cell Engineering, Reproductive Engineering

Bioengineering, Prosthetic Orthopedic Engineering, Biotechnology,

31. Agriculture Engineering:

Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Mechanization and Its Automation, Agricultural Electrification,

Agricultural Water Conservancy Project, Agricultural Building Environment and Energy Engineering,

Agricultural Remote Sensing

32 Forestry Engineering:

Forest Engineering, Wood Science and Engineering, Chemical Industry of Forest Products,

33. Food Science and Engineering:

Food Science and Engineering, Food Engineering, Dairy Engineering,

Wine Making Engineering, Sugar Manufacture Engineering, Fermentation Technology,

Grape and Wine Engineering, Food Quality and Safety,

Food Nutrition and Detection, Grain and Oil Storage and Detection Technology,




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