Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Electromagnetic Field and Wireless Technology is the program for researching the theory, technology of the generation, radiation, propagation, scattering, receiving and processing of radio signal and engineering application. It is widely used in wireless communication, radar, remote sensing, telemetry and remote control, geophysical exploration, electronic measurement, electronic warfare, radio astronomy and non-destructive detection. With the integration of electromagnetic field and wireless technology and other disciplines, it has formed many new disciplines, like electromagnetic compatibility and environmental electromagnetism, biological electromagnetism, material electromagnetism, earthquake electromagnetism, showing its exuberant vitality. The program aims at cultivating advanced engineering and technical personnel with solid theories of electromagnetic field and engineering, strong ability of radio frequency, microwave circuit and system development, and good communication technology.

2. Main Courses

Circuit analysis foundation, signals and systems, analog electronic technology, digital circuit and logic design, Fundamentals of radio frequency circuit, electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, microcomputer principle and system design, software technology foundation, methods of mathematical physics, microwave technology, principle of antenna, electromagnetic compatible principle and technology, communication theory, electrical engineering, microwave electronic circuits, microwave network, antenna CAD, radio frequency identification technology and software radio technology.

3. Employment Prospects

Graduates of electromagnetic field and wireless technology which has advanced teaching system and experimental conditions may get engaged in theoretical research, engineering design, wireless network maintenance, application development and technical management in the company, factory and other related department of communications, radio and television, aerospace, remote sensing, telemetry and remote control, radar, electronic components, resources exploration and medical equipment.


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