Engineering Degree and Education in China

Recently China has become the second largest economy and this has influential role in the global economy. A major reason behind this rapid economic growth is the remarkable investment in education sector especially in engineering education. Chinese engineering education have developed rapidly since 1949, today china has trained a big number of skilled engineers in all disciplines in order to remain in the top countries with skilled engineers as key of development. Report from Ministry of education of Peoples’ Republic of China indicated that 1,129 regular colleges and universities are registered to offer four year undergraduate courses in different disciplines, almost all of those universities offer engineering education and degrees. For postgraduate, 755 institutions offering masters’ and doctorate degrees in various disciplines include engineering.

Today China produce approximately 600,000 engineers each year, this made Chinese college and universities to be a largest producer of engineering graduates in the world compared to United state, India, or European countries.  

Engineering education in China takes four years for undergraduate in different discipline like Mechanics Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Automobile Service Engineering, Equipment and Control,Materials Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Power and Energy, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Information Technology (Telecom), Communication Engineering, Automation Engineering,Computer and Software, Network Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering,Textile Engineering,Ocean Engineering,Aeronautics, Biomedical Engineering,Architecture, Urban Planing, Landscape Architecture,Biological Engineering, Public Security Technology, Food Science and Engineering, Measurement & Control Technology & Instruments, Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering, Opto-Electronics Information,Water Conservancy and Hydro power Engineering, Food Quality and Safety (FQS), Industrial Engineering, Water Supply and Sewage Engineering, Aerospace Engineering among others. In order to attract foreign students to join Chinese prestigious universities which offer engineering education for all those disciplines are tough in English. After completion of 4 years courses in any engineering discipline, a student awarded bachelor’s degree in Engineering in respective discipline. For postgraduate education in engineering, Master’s is for 2-3 years, Doctorate is for 3-4 years, and today most Chinese universities offer master’s and Doctorate ‘s levels in English medium language after they awarded master’s degree or Ph.D degree in respective discipline, for postgraduate level most universities focus on research. 

Recent statistics from Ministry of Education show that more than 377,054 foreign students from 203 countries and regions come to study in china every year. Students said that they come to study in China because they were attracted by country education policy and economic development. Attractive infrastructure in education sector and government investment in education sector, cheap engineering education cost, prestigious universities with all engineering disciplines, engineering courses taught in English medium made China most favorable destination for studying engineering. The advances brought by engineering education in China continue to accelerate innovation and foster entrepreneurship by preparing the next generation of technology worldwide. 

Chinese engineers have provided a steady source of new ideas products, services, and technologies to the world since the foundation of People’s Republic of China. Innovation research, innovation in action is the common goal of all engineering educational institutions within this goal China applies engineering education for community powers in innovation and passion for progress. By focusing on innovations, not simply ideas, and by emphasizing the important of impact and the challenge of delivering at scale, expose student to demanding, inspiring activities all along the innovation chain in contexts from the developing world to industry. 

The schools and universities’ strengths in engineering education have the most advanced fabrication tools and materials processing and characterization capabilities. Those facilities continue to give researchers in engineering education the ability to distinguish and manipulate materials at the atomic scale, create device using those materials, and develop ways of implementing those devices within larger systems. The impact of Chinese engineering education will continue to be on the broadest scale. 



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