Engineering Degree Program in China - Agricultural Building Environment and Energy Engineering

1. Introduction

Agricultural Building Environment and Energy Engineering students mainly study the basic theory of biological environmental engineering, construction engineering and energy, with the basic knowledge of working in the township building, facility agriculture and rural energy construction, receive the basic training of construction engineers, agricultural biology environment and energy source engineer, with the basic ability of the professional construction project feasibility study, engineering planning and design, construction and operation management.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic theory and basic knowledge of agricultural production construction, agricultural facilities engineering, new energy development and utilization, can be engaged in agricultural construction and environment, plant of facility horticulture system, large-scale farming equipment and facilities and environment, new energy development and science utilization, urban and regional planning for the work of planning and design, equipment development and integration, operation and management, teaching and scientific research, etc.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theories, skills and methods of agricultural engineering, agricultural biological environment and rural energy engineering and the basic knowledge of the adjacent professional;

2) Master the basic knowledge of the planning, design, construction and management of agricultural productive construction, facility agriculture and new energy development and utilization in rural areas;

3) Master the design method of building engineering CAD, system engineering analysis method and all kinds of environment control, development of new energy equipment, type selection, matching, installation, commissioning and operation management technology;

4) understand the professional field and related disciplines of the frontier and development trends;

5) Familiar with the professional principles, policies and regulations;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval, data query, specification and manual use scope, and has the ability of preliminary scientific research and practical work;

7) There is strong ability of research and decision-making, organization and management, oral and written expression ability, has the independent access to knowledge, information processing and innovation.

4. Main Subjects

Civil engineering, control science and engineering, horticulture

5. Main Courses

Principles of agricultural bio environment, construction mechanics, agricultural architecture structure, fluid mechanics, engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer, building surveying, soil mechanics and foundation engineering, housing architecture, urban and regional planning, facility agricultural engineering technology and architectural design, agricultural bio environmental engineering, new energy engineering, etc

6. Practical Teaching

Surveying practice, construction practice, curriculum design and graduation design, the general arrangement is 30-35 weeks.

7. Program Experiments

Building thermal parameter measurement, energy transfer process and energy technology parameter test, agricultural bio environment principle and engineering facility test.

8. Research Directions

Facilities horticulture closed plant factory, large-scale aquaculture model construction and environmental control, agricultural facilities automation control, biomass resources utilization, environmental waste disposal, urban and rural areas and regional planning

9. Similar Programs

Agricultural mechanization and automation, agricultural electrification and automation, agricultural construction environment and energy engineering, biological system engineering

10. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly go to agricultural construction and environment, factory facilities and agricultural systems, rural new energy development and scientific use and other fields engaged in planning and design, equipment development and integration, management. 


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