Agriculture Degree Program in China - Agricultural Remote Sensing

1. Introduction

Agricultural Remote Sensing (Agricultural Remote Sensing Technology) refers to the comprehensive technology in agricultural application of using remote sensing technology to conduct agricultural resources investigation, analysis of present situation of land use, agricultural pest and disease monitoring, crop yield estimation, forecast crop pests and diseases by obtaining crop image data and crop growth situation.

2. Principles

Agricultural remote sensing is a combination of remote sensing technology and agricultural science and technology, and it is a comprehensive technology for agricultural development services. Using remote sensing technology to monitor crop planting area, crop growth information, monitoring and assessment of agricultural drought, plant diseases and insect pests disaster information, global, national and regional range of crop yield estimation, for the food supply quantitative analysis and forecasting and warning provide information.

Satellite remote sensing can quickly and accurately obtain the ground information, combined with geographic information system (GIS) and the global positioning system (GPS) and other modern high technology, can realize agricultural information collection and analysis of timing, quantitative, positioning, strong objectivity, from human disturbance, convenient farm decision, enable the development of precision agriculture has become possible.

The basic principles of crop remote sensing: the reflectance of the red band and near infrared band of remote sensing image and its combination with the crop's leaf area index, the solar photosynthetic active radiation, biomass has a good correlation. By satellite sensors to record the information on the earth's surface, identify the type of crop, the establishment of different conditions yield prediction model, integrated knowledge of agriculture and remote sensing observation data, crop yield remote sensing monitoring and forecasting. From remote sensing market download image data, through the terminal products regular access to thematic information monitoring and products service report, and avoid manual methods to collect data is time-consuming and laborious and has a certain destructive defect.

3. Main Contents of Fine Monitoring of Agricultural Remote Sensing

1) Multi scale crop planting area remote sensing precisely estimate product;

2) Multi scale production of crop yield estimation by remote sensing;

3) Cultivated land quality remote sensing assessment and grain yield increasing potential;

4) Products of agricultural drought monitoring and assessment;

5) Food production risk assessment products;

6) Vegetation standard product collection.

4. Applications

1) Agricultural resources investigation and dynamic monitoring

2) Crop yield estimation by remote sensing in terms of crop yield forecasting

3) Disaster remote sensing monitoring and loss assessment in terms of natural disaster monitoring


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