Engineering Degree Program in China - Sports Equipment Engineering

1. Introduction

Sports Equipment Engineering is a new discipline that derives from the cross and integration of sports science and mechanical engineering, materials science, mechanics and other disciplines. The program trains technical personnel of sports equipment engineering and specialized personnel of exercise supervision and evaluation with solid basic theory of sports science and engineering and master the basic knowledge of mechanical design, manufacturing technology, electronic electrician technology, computer application technology and sports human science, can be engaged in sports equipment design and manufacture.

2. Cultivation Significance

The program trains senior specialized talents with the basic theory and basic knowledge of sports science and engineering, strong innovation spirit and development and design ability, can be engaged in the sporting goods manufacturing, market marketing and research institutions for sports equipment research, design, development, evaluation, marketing and management.

3. Main Courses

Materials used for sports equipment, modeling and design of sports product, sports statistics, sports system simulation, sports biomechanics, sports anatomy, ergonomic foundation, engineering mechanics, engineering graphics, fundamentals of mechanical manufacturing technology, fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronic technology, electromechanical transmission control, sports theory and practice.

4. Curriculum

English, Advanced Mathematics, University Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Drawing and CAD, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, Mechatronics, Mechanical Manufacturing Technology, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology, Computer Interface Technology, Principle and Application Technology of Single Chips, Sensor Technology, Advanced Computer Language, Ergonomics, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Biochemistry, Sports Training, etc.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates are mainly employed as engineering technical personnel and management personnel in sports goods manufacturing industry, small part of graduates are engaged in the research, design, development and evaluation of sports goods and so on.


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