Railway Communication Signal Program in China

1. Introduction

Railway Communication Signal program trains professional technical talents who can get engaged in the maintenance, design, analysis and judgment and processing failure, management, installation and construction of the communication signal equipment of rail transit, master the necessary knowledge of science and technology, and railway communication signal. And they can work at the department of production, service, technology and management for the operation, maintenance, construction and installation of signal equipment. In addition, they can also get employed at the department of urban rail and metro, or state railways, local railways, urban rail transit, railway engineering bureau, and signal equipment production department.

2. Training Requirements

The students need to master the basic theory and skills of railway signaling, apply what they have learned into practice, and possess the ability of information collection and processing, updating knowledge, communication skills, computer application and organization and management. At the same time, they can also give technical guidance of the technical work and meet the needs of scientific and technological progress and social development, with the innovation spirit and strong practical ability. 

3. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Be able to read engineering drawings of various signal equipment;

(2) Be able to install and debug all kinds of signal equipment;

(3) The maintenance of a variety of signal equipment;

(4) The design a variety of signal equipment;

(5) To guide the construction and maintenance of the signal;

(6) To use signal equipment to control traffic.

(7)The wiring and construction of various signal equipment according to wiring diagram;

(8) The maintenance of computer hardware system;

(9) Use common computer software;

(10) Use common electrical and electronic instruments to measure;

(11) Find common faults of various signal equipment

4. Main Courses

Signal foundation, station signal, interval signal, hump signal, engineering design and construction, automatic control of train operation, signal measurement, signal power supply, enterprise management, circuit foundation, Engineering drawing and AutoCAD, Analog electronic technology, digital electronic technology, computer principle and application

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly get engaged in railway signal technology, maintenance of signal equipment, technical development, and the engineering construction and transformation of signal equipment in the department of railway, underground railway, urban rail transit, railway engineering and others. 

6. Certificate

Intermediate maintenance electrician certificate


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