Engineering Degree Program in China - Hydro-structure Engineering

1. Introduction

Hydro-structure Engineering, belonging to the water conservancy project, is the discipline that studies the major technological problems directly related to hydropower engineering safety, progress and investment in the surveying, design, construction and operation management of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, such as high dam design theory and method, high dam construction technique, high and steep slope reinforcement physical simulation, new technology of hydraulic structure monitoring (especially the technology of optical fiber monitoring and CT), dynamic interaction of hydraulic structure foundation and the base seismic wave input research, dynamic coupling research of dam and reservoir water, the strength of the earthquake damage mechanism research, material properties, multi axial high performance concrete dam, earthquake and random dam research on reliability of hydraulic structure and seismic analysis etc.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains high-level talents in hydraulic structure engineering, with broad and solid foundation theory, systematic and in-depth expertise and necessary engineering practice knowledge, to be competent of higher education, scientific research or large engineering technology research and development and management. Master cutting-edge disciplinary research; proficient in modern basic theory and advanced calculation methods and experimental techniques to carry out effective research work, and have the ability to solve major engineering and technology problems in water conservancy engineering.

3. Program Directions

1) Hydraulic structure safety engineering

2) Concrete dam project

3) Earth rock dam project

4) Sluice, ship lock and conveyance structure project

5) High slope and underground structure engineering

6) Modern design method and digital technology of hydraulic structures

4. Research Objects

Hydraulic structure buildings, which gradually form based on the long-term practice of the water conservancy and hydropower engineering after accumulation and summary, applying the basic theory of mathematics, mechanics, and the theory of many other disciplines to improve.

5. Employment Prospects

1) Design institutes

2) Supervision institutes

3) Construction companies


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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