Engineering Degree Program in China - Biomimetic Materials

1. Introduction

Biomimetic Materials are materials that are studies and developed by imitating the various features or characteristics of living creatures. The artificial materials which are designed and manufactured according to the operating mode of the life system and the structure of the biological material are called the bionic materials. The branch of bionics in materials science is known as biomimetic materials science, a new subject studying the structural characteristics, structure-activity relationship of the biological material from the molecular level, leading to the discovery of similar or better original biological materials, a cross of chemistry, materials science, biology, physics and other disciplines. Bionic design is not only to simulate the structure of biological objects, but also to simulate its function. The material science, life science, bionics combination, is of great significance for the development of material science. Natural evolution makes the biological material with the most reasonable and optimal macro, micro structure, and has the ability of self adaptation and self healing. It is the best in the comprehensive performance, such as strength, stiffness and toughness.

2. Ideas and Their Applications

1) Man-made fibers

One of the biomimetic materials that start to research and to achieve success earliest is to mimic the natural fiber and man-made fiber produced by human skin contact sense.

2) Mermaid legend

3) Energy recombination

Organisms can be very efficient in the conversion between a variety of energy in order to maintain life, which is in the wide range of biological phenomena can be seen.

4) Artificial bone

5) Super absorbent

6) Growth type composite materials

In the mechanical properties of composite materials, plants have many unique charms.

7) Elastic membrane materials


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