Automobile Manufacture and Assembly Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Automobile Manufacture and Assembly Technology is mainly geared to the modern automobile manufacturing and auto parts production and assembly industry and cultivates high-level engineers and technicians with strong foundation of knowledge and practical ability. These engineers and technicians can engage in modern automobile manufacturing and auto parts processing, automobile assembly and debugging, and they need to process the capability in engaging in production site control positions, such as computer aided design, NC programming, product quality.

2.Training Requirements

1. Having cultural quality and professional basic theory knowledge which are necessary for the application of the professional advanced technology talents;

2. With ability in using a variety of measuring instruments and auto parts processing and assembly correctly;

3. With capability of NC programming, NC machining and maintenance of Numerical control machine tools;

4. With basic capability in preparation and implementation of typical auto parts processing technology and assembly process and analyzing and solving general problem of mechanical processing technology;

5.Having good ability in using of all kinds of professional related software, such as CAD、CAM、Pro/E、UG and can be competent for mechanical parts design and simple mechanical equipment design work;

6.Having ability of severing in production workshop and with ability of technical management in technical department;

7. With the enterprising spirit of pioneering and innovative and with ability of manipulating the intermediate numerical control machine tools.

3. Main Courses

Mechanical drawing, engineering material and forming technology, foundation of mechanical design, electrical electronic, automobile structure, automobile manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle detection technology, automobile electronic technology, metalworking practice, basic course design of mechanical design, auto manufacturing technology and equipment course design, automobile manufacturing and maintenance training, graduation internship and graduation design

4. Employment Prospects

Graduate students can be engaged in manufacturing, production technology and management work in the automobile manufacturing enterprise; can go into Automobile transportation related departments for automobile application and management work; can work for after-service in automobile manufacturing enterprise and can engaged in  computer-aided design, Computer aided manufacturing work, numerical control equipment commissioning, maintenance and operation work in automobile manufacturing enterprise.


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