Engineering Degree Program in China - Electrical Engineering and Automation

1. Introduction

Electrical engineering and automation is a comprehensive strong discipline which relates to the power electronic technology, computer technology, the technology of electric machine and appliance of information and network control technology, electromechanics integrated technology, and many other areas. Its main characteristics is combined with the strong and weak electricity, mechanical and electrical integration, a combination of hardware and software, electrical technology and electronic technology, components and systems, to enable students to gain the basic skills in the field of electrical and electronic, control system, electric control, automation of electric power systems, electrical automation equipment and computer application technology.

2. Major Courses

This program mainly opens public basic courses, circuit, electromagnetic field and motor, power electronic technology, single chip microcomputer principle, electrical testing technology, fundamentals of electrical engineering, dielectric physics, electrical insulation test technology, high voltage test technology, electrical insulation structure design principle and CAD, photoelectric communication principle, overvoltage and protection of power system, technology principle of cable material and cable, etc.

3. Major Practical Teaching 

Metalworking practice, practice of electronic engineering, electrical measurement and experimental techniques, practice of computer hardware and software, specialty comprehensive experiment, professional curriculum design, graduation practice and graduation design.

4. Core Competencies

To master the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and other natural sciences, with a good foundation of Humanities and Social Sciences and management science;

Systematically master the basic theoretical knowledge in this field, including electrical theory, electronic technology, information processing, control theory, basic principles and applications of computer software and hardware, etc.;

Get better engineering practice training, have more skilled computer application ability;

With the professional knowledge and skills of 1--2 professional direction in the professional field, understanding the development trend of the frontier of the subject;

Has a strong ability to adapt to work, with the actual work capacity of a certain scientific research, technology development and organization and management.

5.Training Objectives

Electric engineering and automation trains senior engineering and technical personnel with basic knowledge in engineering technology and the corresponding electrical engineering professional knowledge, and have the basic capacity of solving problems in Electrical engineering technology analysis and control. Electric engineering and automation trains knowledgeable, complex type of senior engineering and technical personnel to engage in work in the fields of electrical engineering and automation, computer application technology, economics and management, etc. 

6. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in the work of the high voltage equipment design, development, production and management in the electric power equipment manufacturing industry, can do the technical work and management work of high pressure equipment operation and maintenance in power system, can be employed in Electric Power Bureau, power supply bureau, power plant, or do the teaching and scientific research work in universities and research institutes.


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