Lightning Science and Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Lightning Science and Technology program mainly trains personnel who can carry on high-level scientific research, teaching and business management with basic knowledge and excellent skills of lightning protection. These personnel can be engaged in work of scientific research, design and construction of lightning protection engineering, new technology of lightning protection, research and development of new products and assessment of lightning disaster risk in field of lightning science and protection.

2. Main Courses

Selection of differential equations, lightning physics, lightning monitoring and early warning, principle and design technology of electromagnetic compatibility, modern electronic technology, design of SPD principle, lightning protection of communication and information system, high voltage and insulation and testing technology, design of lightning protection engineering, assessment of lightning disaster risk, remote sensing information processing, applied functional analysis

3. Research Directions

Lightning physics and disaster mechanism, monitoring and early warning technology of lightning, lightning protection and grounding technology, studying of effect of LEMP on signal line equipment and lightning protection technique, studying of electromagnetic compatibility in computer information system, studying of testing method and application technology of SPD development, studying of method and application of lightning disaster risk assessment

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in work of scientific research and management in meteorology department, lightning protection engineering department, scientific research departments, electronic information department and related enterprises and institutions.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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