Engineering Degree Program in China - Welding Technology and Engineering

1. Introduction

Welding Technology and Engineering is a cross discipline integrating materials science, engineering mechanics, automatic control technology; the teaching is based on the comprehensive use of multi-disciplinary knowledge to conduct the basic training of engineers. Welding technology is called industrial tailor. After passing the examination through training, the student can also obtain the international welding engineer certificate (IWE).

2. Training Objectives

Welding technology and engineering program trains senior application-oriented engineering and technical personnel with the material science theory knowledge, master advanced connection and automation technology, can be engaged in welding process design and equipment manufacturing and welding process of the automatic control, welding production management and quality control.

3. Training Requirements

This program emphasizes the cultivation of students' practical ability and innovative ability, and the organic combination of classroom teaching and experiment, practice, design and other practical courses, advocates the students to go to the laboratories for scientific research and welding engineering training.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) With solid foundation of natural science, a good foundation of the humanities and social sciences;

2) Systematically master the broad basic knowledge of technology and theory of the program field, including mechanics, mechanology, electrical engineering and electronics, thermal processing, automation basics, welding arc and arc welding methods, welding structural mechanics and materials melting basis and welding;

3) understand the latest developments and trends of the subject;

4) With the necessary basic skills like engineering drawing, calculation, experiment, testing, literature search and basic process operation and strong computer application ability;

5) With the ability to engage in scientific research, technology development and production organization management;

6) Have strong self-learning ability, analysis of problems and problem-solving skills, with strong sense of innovation.

5. Main Courses

Computer application foundation, mechanical drawing, computer aided design, engineering mechanics, electrical engineering and industrial electronics, metal materials science and heat treatment, mechanical principle and mechanical parts, welding method and equipment, welding structure production, welding principle and metal materials welding, arc welding power source, welding production test, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

The graduates can work in the fields of aerospace, energy, transportation, electrical appliances engaged in welding engineering related scientific research, technology development, design and manufacture etc.; can also be engaged in thermal process of materials in the field of design manufacturing, test research, development and management science and technology and engaged in materials forming and control and computer science and technology teaching, scientific research, development and management and other work in the industrial production of the first line, or employed in the field of petroleum, chemical industry, boiler, pressure vessel, aerospace, electronics, communications, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other research institutions or large enterprises, foreign direct investment and the joint venture enterprises and relevant functional departments of the government.



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