Engineering Degree Program in China - Sensing Technology

1. Introduction

Sensing Technology is a multidisciplinary and a kind of modern science and engineering technology which can carry on processing (transformation) and identification of information obtained from natural source. Sensing technology is related to sensor (transducer), and variety of activities of planning, designing, development, system construction, testing, application, evaluation and improvement for information processing and recognition.

2. Research Content

1) Sensing technology emphasizes on systematicness of sensing technology system and collaborative development with sensors, processing and recognition. It emphasizes on breaking through the system which refers to sensor and information processing and recognition technology separating from researching, development, production, application and improvement of system. It emphasizes that sensing technology need to have collaborative development with computer technology and communication technology according to information theory, system theory and method of engineering application.

2) Develop a variety of new sensors and sensing technology system for urgent need using new theory, the new effect research and development engineering and technology.

3) Research and develop sensor and sensing technology system suitable for special environment, such as high temperature, high pressure, underwater, corrosion and radiation.

4) Develop sensing technology system with wide range which can be used for general industrial, agriculture and service industry. This system focuses on improving reliability and utilizability and greatly reducing cost for adapting to development of industry, agriculture and the service industry and ensuring market competitiveness and market share for products with low technology.

5) Completely change the situation of focusing on research and development with slight application and improvement, and carry on implementation of engineering system with whole process of demand driven, researching, development, producing, use and improvement.

6) Focus on intelligentization. Sensing technology focuses on method and technology of sensor signal processing and pattern recognition; focuses on the device combining with artificial intelligence technology of self-calibration, self-diagnosis, self-learning, self-decision, self-adaption and self-organization; develop intelligent sensing technology system which supports for intelligent manufacturing, intelligent machines and development of intelligent manufacturing system.


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