Building Electrical Engineering Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Building Electrical Engineering Technology program trains high-technology application-oriented talents who can adapt to the needs of the first-line production, construction, management and service, adapt to the installation, overhaul, operation and maintenance, and intelligent management of electrical system in modern construction areas. The graduates should become engineering and technical personnel, business management personnel who are capable of the design, construction, management, project budget and final accounts.

2. Abilities

The graduates should have solid professional knowledge, strong technology application ability, strong ability of computer drawing, strong ability of independently analyzing problems and solving problems, strong ability to adapt to social development, with pioneering and innovative spirit.

3. Main Courses

Advanced mathematics, computer application basis, engineering drawing and reading map, introduction to architecture, circuit, electrician foundation, electronic technology, motor and electric drive, building electrical control, power supply and distribution of buildings, electrical lighting technology, building weak current technology, building electrical CAD, building electrical construction technology, intelligent technology of buildings, elevator technology, SCM principle and application, programmable logic controller (PLC), electrical fire control technology, building electrical construction technology, building electrical engineering budget, organization and management of building electrical construction, integrated wiring technology and network engineering, contract management of construction engineering, quota principle of construction engineering and estimate and budget etc.

4. Major Practice

Electrician skill and training, practical training of circuit, multimeter assembly and maintenance, application training of electronic technology, practical electronic production, electrician textual research training, principle and application training of single chip microcomputer principle, PLC training, training of integrated wiring technology, electrical fire protection technology training, training of building electrical control technology, training of building electrical construction technology, graduation design and graduation practice.

5. Employment Prospects

1) Graduates can be engaged in the operation, maintenance, repair, debugging and management of the electrical system of the urban and rural construction areas.

2) Graduates can be engaged in the operation, maintenance and management of power supply and distribution system in industrial area, living area.

3) Graduates can be engaged in the operation, maintenance, design and management of electrical equipment and control equipment of factory, enterprise, civil buildings.


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