Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology Program in China

1. Introduction

Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology is a kind of technology that studies production process of biological products with technology of enzyme engineering, cell engineering and fermentation engineering; studies researching and development of new bio engineering products and analysis and testing of biological products based on basic theory of biology, chemistry, and engineering.

2. Training Objectives

Chemical engineering and industrial biotechnology trains senior engineering and technical personnel who can engage in work of scientific research, design of production and process, research and development of new technology and equipment and technical management in the field of chemical engineering and industrial biotechnology. These personnel not only can work in traditional petroleum chemical industry, such as petroleum chemical industry, environmental protection industry, energy industry, and food industry, but also can work in recently emergent industry, such as biological engineering and technology, biological chemical engineering, and biomedical engineering.

3. Training Requirements

Students need to master the basic theory and methods of chemistry, biology, and chemical engineering with integrated skills and capabilities to achieve the molecular transformation and processing in industrial scale with application of knowledge of chemistry and biology.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and method of chemical engineering and chemical technology and related engineering and technical knowledge;

2) With basic skills of mapping, calculation, experiment, design, analysis and computer applications; 

3) With capabilities to carry on technical and economic analysis, testing and research of chemical products independently;

4) With capabilities of researching and development of new chemical products and new technology.

5. Main Courses

Principle of chemical engineering, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, chemical engineering design, simulation and optimization of chemical engineering, principle chemical transfer process, molecular biology, genetic engineering principle, cell culture engineering, industrial microbiology, inorganic chemistry, analysis chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical technology, industrial catalysis, bio chemistry, instrumental analysis and spectral analysis

6. Similar Programs

Chemical engineering and technology, pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical, resource science and engineering, energy chemical engineering, biological pharmacy

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in work of development and production of biological products in the field of food, medicine, energy, and environmental protection; can go into colleges, and design and research institutes for work of teaching, scientific researching, production and management.


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