Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering program mainly studies design of fight vehicles and missile, such as artificial satellites, spaceship, space station, space probe rockets, and space shuttle. Flight vehicle design and engineering program involves in different professional knowledge, such as knowledge of flight vehicle design, flight mechanics and control, helicopter design, aerodynamics and structural strength of flight vehicle.

2. Training Objectives

Flight vehicle design and engineering program trains senior engineering, researching and technical personnel with knowledge of basic theory and engineering application of mathematics, mechanics and flight vehicle engineering. They can be engaged in work of flight vehicle overall design, structure design, aircraft shape design, calculation and analysis of aircraft performance, structural stress analysis, aircraft fault diagnosis and maintenance, and software development; can be engaged in work of machinery design and manufacture.

3. Training Requirements

Students mainly study basic theoretical knowledge of flight vehicle design and engineering and related courses; receive basic training of aerospace vehicle engineering with basic skills of involving in flight vehicle design.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). With basic theory and knowledge related to flight vehicle design, such as solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, flight dynamics, structure design, overall design, estimation of aerodynamic, shape design, structure strength design ,experimental mechanics, and aircraft maintenance;

2) With basic skills of flight vehicle design; mastering skills of calculation, testing, experiment, and software development;

3) Understand theoretical frontiers, application prospects and development trends of flight vehicle design and engineering

4). Master basic methods of literature retrieval, data query; have ability of scientific research and practical work with strong innovation sense and high comprehensive quality.

5. Main Subjects

Aerospace Science and technology, mechanics, mechanology

6. Main Courses

Theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, mechanical design, elastic mechanics, structural mechanics, basic of aerodynamics and structural mechanics, flight vehicle structural mechanics, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, structural strength, test technology, theory of automatic control, flight vehicle overall design, structure design, design and analysis of composite, aircraft structure maintenance, nondestructive testing of aircraft maintenance

7. Practical Teaching

Mechanical drawing, metalworking practice, production practice, computer application and practice, course design and graduation design

8. Program Experiment

Experiment of solid mechanics, fluid mechanics experiment, aerodynamics experiment, structural vibration experiment, program comprehensive experiment

9. Similar Programs

Flight vehicle power engineering, flight vehicle manufacturing and engineering, flight vehicle environment and life support engineering, space science and technology

10. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in work of design, research and teaching in fields of flight vehicle structure engineering, civil machinery, transportation engineering, ship and marine engineering, industrial and civil building engineering, and software engineering; can be engaged in work of design, experiment, research, operation and maintenance of space vehicle, aircraft, rocket and missile; can be engaged in technology and management work in aviation department and other national economic departments.


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