Engineering Degree Program in China - Computer Science and Technology

1. Introduction

Computer Science and Technology program trains senior engineering and technical personnel who have good scientific literacy and systematically master computer science and technology including basic theory, knowledge, skills and methods of computer hardware, software and application. These personnel can engage in computer teaching, scientific research and application work in scientific research departments, education units, enterprises, and institutions.

2. Training Requirements

The students in this program mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of computer science and technology; receive basic training in research and application of computer and then have basic ability of research and development of computer systems.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have solid basic theory and knowledge in data;

2) With strong ability to think, algorithm design and analysis;

3) Systematically master the basic theory, knowledge and operation skills of computer science and technology;

4) Acquaintance knowledge structure, typical technology, core concept and basic work flow of computer science and technology;

5) With strong capabilities of cognition, analysis, design, programming and application of computer system;

6) Master the basic method of document retrieval and data query; can independently obtain relevant knowledge and information; have strong sense of innovation.

4. Main Subjects

Circuit theory, analog electronic technology, digital logic, numerical analysis, computer principle

5. Main Courses

Circuit theory, analog electronic technology, digital logic, numerical analysis, computer principle, micro computer technology, computer system structure, computer network, high-level language, assembly language, data structure, operating system, database principle, compile principle, graphics, artificial intelligence, calculation method, discrete mathematics, probability and statistics, linear algebra and algorithm design and analysis, human-computer interaction, object oriented method

6. Practical Teaching

Electronic technology practice, hardware design and debugging, basic training of computer, curriculum design, computer engineering practice, production practice, graduation design (thesis)

7. Similar Programs

Educational technology, modern educational technology, microelectronics, automation, electronic information and engineering, electronic information science and technology, geographic information system, communication engineering, electronic science and technology, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and automation, information engineering, information science and technology, software engineering, film and television art technology, network engineering, information display and optoelectronic technology, integrated circuit design and integration system, photoelectric information engineering, radio television engineering, electrical information engineering, computer software, electric engineering and management, intelligent science and technology, digital media arts, exploration, guidance and control technology, digital media technology, information and communication engineering, building electrical and intelligent, electromagnetic field and wireless technology

8. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can go to information technology sector, the education sector and other units of software companies and other enterprises engaged in technology development, teaching, scientific research and management work in the field of software engineering. Students also can go to information industry, telecommunications industry, transportation industry, colleges and research institutions engaged in communication technology and electronic technology research, teaching and engineering technology work.



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