Engineering Degree Program in China - Polymer Materials and Engineering

1. Introduction

Polymer Materials and Engineering is the discipline that trains senior engineering and technical personnel with the knowledge of polymer materials and engineering, can be engaged in scientific research, technology development, technology and equipment design, production and management work in polymer synthesis and modification and processing and other fields.

2. Program Characteristics

Polymer materials and engineering is the materials science that researches high polymer material design, synthesis, preparation and composition, structure, properties, processing and application of energetic, the industry and research system have become a pillar industry in the national economy development.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory of polymer chemistry and physics and the composition, structure and properties of polymer materials and knowledge of polymer molding processing technology.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the synthesis and modification of polymer materials;

2). Master the composition, structure and properties of polymer materials;

3). Master the basic theory and basic skills of polymer processing rheology, molding process and mold design;

4). with the initial capacity of the modification of polymer materials and processing technology research, design and analysis of testing, and the development of new polymer materials and products;

5) With the ability to apply computer;

6) With the ability to analyze and manage the technical and economic analysis and management of the polymer material modification and processing process.

5. Main Subjects

Materials science and engineering

6. Major Courses

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, polymer rheology, polymer molding process, polymer processing principle, polymer material research method

7. Practical Teaching

Metalworking practice, VB curriculum design, principles of chemical engineering course practice, comprehensive chemical experiment, polymer based experimental and polymer preparation curriculum design, comprehensive experiment of polymer molding, production practice, graduation design.

8. Program Experiments

Polymer synthesis, polymer material molding, etc

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in oil, chemical, electronic and electrical appliances, building materials, automotive, packaging, aerospace, military, textile and pharmaceutical system research design units, enterprises for the synthesis, processing, application, production technology, management and market development and other plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, coatings, adhesives, composites, and for the domain of new and high technology research and development of high performance materials, functional materials, biological and medical materials, optoelectronic materials, fine polymer materials and other special polymer materials, engaged in teaching and scientific research in colleges and universities.


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