Engineering Degree Program in China - Groundwater Science and Engineering

1. Introduction

Groundwater Science and Engineering focuses on the study of groundwater resources and groundwater engineering. It mainly studies about the exploration, evaluation, development, management of groundwater resources, monitoring, evaluation and management of groundwater environment and geological environment,   and investigation, design, construction of engineering geology.

2. Training Objectives

Groundwater Science and Engineering trains advanced application-oriented talents who have the basic knowledge of higher mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, master basic knowledge and theory of groundwater science and engineering, be able to apply the technologies and methods of hydro geology, engineering geology and environmental geology to the development, utilization, evaluation, management and protection of water resourse, water environment and geological environment monitoring, hydrogeological and engineering geological survey in the field of land and resources survey, environmental protection, infrastructure construction, disaster prevention and mitigation, etc.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1). Students will have a solid knowledge of mathematics and physics;

2). Students will master basic theory and basic operation method of computer, have a certain programming ability; get basic training of engineering drawing, scientific computing, doing experiment and testing;

3). Students will have a healthy body and mind and have certain basic knowledge of military;

4). Students will master the basic theory of groundwater and engineering, and the method of literature search, data query;

5). Students will get training of scientific thinking and scientific testing in applied basic research and technology development, and have a good scientific literacy;

6). Students will have the ability of evaluation, exploration, development and management of groundwater resources, exploration, planning, design, construction and management of engineering geology and geological hazards, know about the development trend of groundwater science and engineering resources, and have basic ability to analyze and solve practical problems independently.

4. Main Courses

Introduction to groundwater science, hydraulics of groundwater, groundwater chemistry, introduction of groundwater engineering, geotechnical environmental engineering, evaluation and development of groundwater resource, geotechnical mechanics, geological disasters and its prevention, methods of mathematical physics, Quaternary Geology and geomorphology, geology, etc.

5. Practical Teaching

Cognition practice, production practice, graduation practice, curriculum design, graduation design (Thesis), etc.

6. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in exploration, evaluation, forecasting, water resource management, technical and economic analysis of groundwater science and engineering in production units, research institutes, tertiary institutions, administrative departments, etc.


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