Engineering Degree Program in China - Numerical Control

1. Introduction

Numerical Control is the process that uses the method of computer programs to control the machine, to conduct processing on mechanical parts according to the procedures edited by the staff in advance. Numerical control is the technology that uses digital control to realize the automatic control of a certain working process. It is usually controlled by the position, angle, speed and other mechanical parameters and the switching value related to the mechanical energy flow. The emergence of the numerical control is dependent on the data carrier and the binary form data operation.

2. Development Trends

1) The new trend of high speed, high precision machining technology and equipment

2) The rapid development of axis linkage machining and composite processing machine

3) Intelligent, open, network have become the main trend of the development of contemporary numerical control system

4) Attach importance to the establishment of new technical standards and norms

3. Programming

1) The method of NC machine programming

Manual programming, automatic programming, CAD/CAM

2) The contents and procedures of the NC machine tool program

The main contents of NC machine programming

Steps of numerical control machine tools

Analysis of parts drawing and process

Mathematical treatment

Write part program list

Program input

Program verification and first test

3) The structure of NC machining program

The structure of the program: composed of a plurality of program segments.

Program segment format

4) The mathematical treatment of part drawing

Calculation of basic point coordinates

Calculation of nodal coordinates

4. Training Objectives

Numerical control technology trains advanced technology application-oriented talents mastering the professional knowledge and skills of the principle of NC, NC programming and NC machining, engaged in NC programming, NC equipment operation, commissioning, maintenance and technical management.

5. Training Requirements

The program is to cultivate advanced engineering technology application-oriented talents in the field of CNC machining, mechanical product design and manufacturing, production technology management, etc., requires students to be able to be engaged in product manufacturing, development work in the production site, or in the technical department for the process, management. The program is to cultivate the students with the theoretical knowledge and professional knowledge in the process of the operation and maintenance of CNC programming, machining and CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC machining centers and other CNC equipment.

6. Core Courses and Main Practice

Mechanical drawing, mechanical design basis, NC machining technology, CNC programming and operation, the principle of NC system, and the application of CAD / CAM, CNC machine tool use and maintenance, and NC machine, electric control, management of industrial enterprises, drawing, PLC training, machine processing practice, cam training, CNC machine tool operation skill training, professional courses, curriculum design, graduation practice (Design), etc.

7. Program Directions

1) CNC machine control technology

2) NC programming and NC machining technology

3) Mechanical CAD/CAM

8. Qualification Certificates

Intermediate occupation technical certificate for combination machine operator, intermediate occupation technical certificate for CNC machining center operator

9. Numerical Control Talents

1) Numerical control operator

2) NC programmer

3) Maintenance and repair men of CNC machine tools

4) General talents of NC

10. Employment Prospects

Numerical control mainly face machinery, tooling, electronics, electrical, light industry and other industries, graduates can be engaged in product design and machining, CNC programming, operation of CNC machine tools, multi axis machining of NC commonly used CAM software, CNC equipment debugging and maintenance, etc.


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