Engineering Degree Program in China - Building Electricity and Intelligence

1. Introduction

Building Electricity and Intelligence trains senior engineering and technical personnel with basic theoretical knowledge of design, installation, debugging, operation, maintenance and management of intelligent indoor environment equipment system and building public facilities system, with the ability to research and develop special environment for each department of national economy, and can be engaged in design institute, construction companies, property management companies and related scientific research units, production units, teaching units, etc.

2. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of architectural physics environment and environmental control system, get basic training of the design, commissioning, operation and management of building equipment system, and have the initial ability to work in this area.

3. Main Courses

Electrical control and programming, architectural drafting, foundations of electrical engineering, foundations of electronic technology, motor technology, computer principle and interface technology, electrical CAD, building power supply and distribution, intelligent building environment science, construction equipment and automation, building information systems, public security, etc.

4. Practical Courses

Cognition practice, electrical practice, production practice, graduation practice, curriculum design, graduation design, etc.

5. Similar Majors

Architecture, building environment and equipment engineering, building facilities intelligent technology, electrical engineering and automation, etc.

6. Research Areas

Power supply and distribution of building technology, electrical control technology of construction equipment, electric illumination technology, fire and security design technology, integrated wiring system design, lightning protection, grounding and electrical safety technology, electrical automation technology for modern buildings, information and transmission technology of modern architecture.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates are mainly engaged in scientific research, teaching, technological development, engineering design and construction, planning and management in engineering unit of construction industry, government departments, planning departments, economic management departments, design units, construction enterprises, scientific research units, schools and other enterprises and institutions or departments.


1)Registered Electrical Engineer

2)First-Class Construction Engineer

3)Associate Constructor

4)Registered Fire Control Engineer


2022 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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