Engineering Degree Program in China - Underwater Acoustic Engineering

1. Introduction

Underwater Acoustic Engineering mainly studies the knowledge of acoustic engineering, which involves the basic theory and technology of acoustic, acoustic, signal processing, testing technology and other disciplines. The research direction basically covers all the research fields of underwater acoustic technology, basic research, applied technology research, the development of underwater acoustic equipment and system integration technology research and so on. Four research directions of relative stability, outstanding characteristics and obvious advantages are formed: Sonar overall technology; signal processing; sensor and sound system; measurement and testing technology.

2. Training Objectives

The professional trains research personnel with high levels of ability of acoustic, vibration and signal processing of underwater acoustic. To master the characteristics and developing direction of underwater acoustic discipline, and have the ability to apply basic research in underwater acoustic engineering.

3. Main Courses

Matrix theory, mathematical statistics, numerical analysis, digital circuit, analog circuit, signal and system, basic circuit, principle of acoustics and noise control, acoustic foundation, vibration theory and application in engineering, signal processing, mathematics physics equation, vibration and acoustic problems calculation, underwater acoustics, modern test technology, linear system theory, the optimal estimation theory and system identification, discrete random signal processing.

4. Knowledge and Ability

(1). To master the basic knowledge of underwater acoustic engineering;

(2). To grasp the basic ability of underwater acoustic engineering practice;

(3). To understand the development and dynamics of underwater acoustic engineering;

5. Employment Prospects

Students may engage in ocean acoustic field analysis, underwater noise and vibration and noise reduction, acoustic signal processing, sonar and underwater acoustic countermeasure system and design, underwater acoustic transducer and array research, design, development, manufacture, operation and management of work in underwater acoustic engineering and related fields after graduation. Graduates also have broad employment prospects in ships, weapons, nuclear energy, aviation, aerospace, civil aviation, transportation, civil power, environmental engineering and other fields.


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