Technology Degree Program in China - Machinery Technology

1. Introduction

Machinery Technology is a science to the study scientific theory and practice of the mechanical manufacturing process to explore and solve the actual problems in the process, so as to reveal the general laws.

Machine manufacturing process generally includes: the machining process of parts and the assembly process of the machine.

At present, the mechanical manufacturing technology mainly includes three parts: mechanical processing technology (cold machining), mechanical assembly process and machine tool fixture design.

2. Mechanical Programs

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, mold design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering and automation.

3. Mechanical Manufacturing Process

Machine manufacturing process is the sum of the labor process from raw material to finished product. It includes blank manufacturing, parts machining, heat treatment, machine assembly, inspection, test and paint packaging and other major production process, including special fixture and special measuring tool manufacturing, processing equipment maintenance, power supply (electricity supply, compressed air, hydraulic power and steam pressure supply, etc.)

4. Technological Process

Technological process refers to during the process of production, by changing the shape, mutual location and properties of the production objects, so that it becomes the finished or semi-finished products. Mechanical product production process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, heat treatment, assembly, painting, etc. And the process which is directly related to raw materials into finished products is called direct production process, which is the main part of the production process. And the indirectly related process of the raw materials into the product, such as production preparation, transportation, storage, maintenance of machine tools and process equipment, is called the auxiliary production process.

5. Main Content

Formulation of process planning for machining, machine tool fixture design principle, machining processing accuracy, processing surface quality, typical parts processing, machine assembly process basis, foundation of mechanical design technology, modern manufacturing technology and NC machining process


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