Integrated Circuit Design and Integration System Program in China

1. Introduction

Integrated Circuit Design and Integration System cultivates senior technical personnel who can master the basic theory, design methods, and EDA tool of integrated circuit; be familiar with the knowledge of circuit, computer, signal processing, communication and other related systems; be engaged in research, design, teaching, development and application of integrated circuits and all kinds of electronic information systems, and innovate.

The integrated circuit design includes microelectronics, manufacturing technology, the technology of integrated circuit design; and its application covers the integration and development of computer, communication, consumer electronics and electronic systems.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge and theory of physics, technology and science, and its related areas; receive the basic training of integrated circuit design and integration system; be able to analyze and solve the practical problem.

3.Knowledge and Ability

(1) With the basic theory and knowledge of physics, technology and science, and its related fields;

(2) With strong computer skills;

(3) Master the basic theory of integrated circuits, and the methods of integrated circuit design;

(4) Be able to analyze and solve practical problems;

4. Main Courses

Data structure and program design, circuit analysis basis, simulation of electronic circuit based, digital circuit and system design basis, computer language and program design, computer composition and system structure, the principle and application of microcomputer, digital signal processing, semiconductor electronics, integrated circuit principle and design, integrated circuit technology, hardware description language, integrated circuit EDA technology, embedded system principle and design, signal and system, principles of communication system, automatic control theory, computer control technology, layout design.

5. Practical Teaching

Electronic circuit CAD, single chip microcomputer curriculum design, digital system curriculum design, electronic design, and other practice

6. Employment Prospects

The students can be engaged in the research, development and teaching in the integrated circuit design and manufacturing, embedded systems, computer control technology, communication, consumer electronics, and other field of information technology.


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