Engineering Degree Program in China - Material Chemistry

1. Introduction

Materials Chemistry is a new interdisciplinary subject, which is an important branch of modern materials science, chemistry and chemical industry, and it is the foundation and guide of the development of many high-tech fields. Material chemistry has made unique contributions in the discovery and synthesis of new materials, the development of nano materials preparation and modification process and the innovation of the methods of characterization. The strategic significance of material chemistry in the design of new materials at the atomic and molecular level has broad application prospects. The main research areas are not the chemical properties of materials, but the chemical processes involved in the preparation and use of materials, and the measurement of the properties of materials.

This program focuses on training students to master the knowledge and experimental skills of materials science, chemical engineering, chemistry discipline, aims to train students to master the basic theory and professional knowledge of the nano materials and functional materials design, preparation and characterization, comprehensive solution material on a large scale/industrial production in the problem of chemical engineering technology. The graduates will be high-level talents and compound talents with good international vision, materials engineering technology experiment quality and skills, is in line with the needs of international competition, with strong management skills.

2. Research Methods

1) Weight analysis method

2) Titration analysis method

3) Gas volumetric method

3. Training Objectives

Material Chemistry program mainly cultivates senior innovative, forward-looking, compound personnel who systematically master the basic theory and technology of materials chemistry, with materials chemistry related basic knowledge and basic skills, and can use the basic theory, basic knowledge and experimental skills of chemistry and material science, can be engaged in research, teaching, technology development and related management work in materials science and chemistry and related fields.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly learn the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of chemistry and materials science, accept basic training of scientific thinking and scientific experiments, and be able to skillfully use, fully understand the latest developments in the theory and applications of materials chemistry, master the methods of information retrieval, with the basic capacity of using the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of chemistry and materials science to conduct independent research, teaching, production and development.

5. Knowledge and Skills

1). Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry and so on;

2). Master the basic knowledge, basic principles and experimental skills of materials preparation (or synthesis), material processing, material structure and performance measurement;

3) understand the general principles and knowledge of similar programs;

4) Familiar with the laws and regulations on materials science and engineering research, science and technology development and related industries, intellectual property rights;

5) Understand the theoretical frontiers, application prospects and the latest development trends of materials chemistry, as well as the development of materials science and engineering industry;

6) Master the basic method of data query, literature retrieval and use of modern information technology to obtain information related; have certain ability of experimental design, creating conditions for the experiment, induction, collation, analysis of the experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

6. Main Subjects

Materials science and engineering, chemistry

7. Main Courses

Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, structural chemistry, material chemistry, material physics, etc.

8. Practice Teaching

Metalworking practice, practice in the course of chemical engineering principles, chemical comprehensive experiment, comprehensive experiment of chemical materials, production practice, graduation design (thesis), etc.

9. Employment Direction

Research and teaching work at research institutes, universities; quality inspection, product development, production, technology management in the field of optoelectronic information, petroleum chemical industry, light industry, engineering plastics, special composite materials, new energy materials, environmental protection, municipal, construction, fire control and other industries.

10. Similar Programs

Materials chemistry, metallurgy engineering, metal material engineering, inorganic non metallic materials engineering, polymer materials and engineering, materials science and engineering, composite materials and engineering, welding technology and engineering, gem and material technology, powder, renewable resources, science and technology, rare earth engineering, nonwoven materials and engineeri


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