Engineering Degree Program in China - Grape and Wine Engineering

1. Introduction

Grape and Wine Engineering is an important component of biological engineering, food science and engineering, horticulture science and sensory evaluation of art and comprehensive reflection, the basic task is to high-quality wine grapes as raw material, using the advanced theory of the modern food and biological engineering and new and high technology, brewing with specific cultural connotation and typical sensory quality series of high-quality wine products; and through the organic combination of the advanced marketing concepts and elegant art appreciation, to promote the wine healthy consumption. The professional in addition to the traditional grape and wine production, but also extended to art appreciation, marketing management, promotion of culture, food and nutrition, medicine and health care, quality control, engineering design and other fields, in the field of biological engineering, food science and nutrition and culture and art plays more and more important roles.

2. Training Objectives

Grape and wine engineering program cultivation plan reflects the wine from raw materials to the consumer's table full knowledge, teaching activity closely linked to production processes, to enable students to have comprehensive knowledge and skills.

3. Training Requirements

Grape and wine engineering program trains advanced science and engineering and technical personnel with biology, chemistry, modern wine grape science and wine brewing, food engineering, basic theories and skills of enterprise management and marketing to understand yeast fermentation conditions and characteristics, so as to know wine practices and use, can be engaged in teaching and scientific research, design and production management, marketing, new technology and new product development in the brewing wine, wine grape, life science and related fields.

4. Main Subjects

Horticulture, biology, chemistry, food science, food engineering, marketing

5. Main Courses

General biology, general microbiology, analysis chemistry, organic chemistry, wine chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, wine microbiology, plant physiology and learn, learn wine analysis and quality control, enzymology, fermentation science, wine grape, wine brewing, wine sensory rating principle and technology and wine engineering, food nutrition and hygiene, practical enterprise management science, marketing, etc.

6. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students are mainly engaged in the research and development of new products, production and management, commodity inspection, trade and schools, research institutes, and the teaching and scientific research work of grape and wine.


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