Engineering Degree Program in China - Energy Chemical Engineering

1. Introduction

Energy Chemical Engineering is mainly concerned with methods of using energy making less damage to nature. Main research directions include energy cleaning conversion, coal chemical engineering, petrochemical engineering, gas and natural gas engineering, environmental catalysis, green synthesis, new energy utilization and chemical conversion of environmental chemicals.

2. Training Objectives

Energy chemical engineering trains senior engineering and technical personnel with good scientific literacy, solid foundation and wide range of knowledge and spirit of innovation. With basic theory, knowledge and skills of chemistry and energy conversion and utilization, these personnel need to have ability to be engaged in scientific research, design, producing, and technology management work in coal industry, electric power industry, petrochemical industry, biomass conversion and utilization industry in fields of cleaning low carbon energy, renewable energy utilization, energy efficient conversion and evaluation of used chemical energy.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic theory and knowledge of energy chemical engineering; master advanced design methods and engineering technology;

2) Master basic skills of preparation, storage and transformation of clean energy;

3) Master skills of clean utilization technology of energy and development and utilization of renewable energy;

4). With skills of obtaining latest science and technology information using modern technology; understand latest news of energy engineering development; with skills of researching, decision-making, organization and management.

5) With basic ability to solve practical problems using computer system.

4. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering thermodynamics, principles of chemical engineering, chemical reaction engineering, petroleum process engineering and experiment, organic chemical technology, introduction of oil refining engineering, introduction to energy engineering, synthetic fuel chemistry, renewable energy engineering, evaluation of chemical energy, design of chemical synthetic fuel, principle of energy conversion and catalytic, synthetic fuels engineering, coal chemical technology, chemical technology of natural gas, energy economics, energy chemical design

5. Practical Teaching

Program cognition practice, program producing practice, graduation practice, program curriculum design, graduation design (Thesis)

6. Similar Programs

Chemical engineering and technology, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical, chemical engineering and industrial biological engineering, energy and environmental systems engineering, energy engineering and automation, energy power systems and automation

7. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the design, scientific research, technical management and other work in fields of coal chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, comprehensive utilization industry of chemical engineering in power plant, chemical industry of biological energy, comprehensive processing industry of solid waste, oil processing industry, petroleum chemical industry, natural gas industry, city gas, analysis detection, catalyst producing and researching. 


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