Engineering Degree Program in China - Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

1. Introduction

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering trains application-oriented specialized personnel who can be engaged in the electrical and mechanical use and management, vocational education, science popularization, with the combination of theory and practice teaching methods, fully trains and improves students' comprehensive quality and skill level.

2. Program Directions

1) Design, manufacturing and automation

Set up two training directions: mechanical and electronic engineering, modern design and manufacturing engineering.

2) Mechanical and electronic engineering

3) Vehicle engineering

4) Electrical engineering and automation

5) Electronic science and technology

6) Industrial engineering

3. Training Objectives

Mechanical and electrical engineering program mainly trains senior application-oriented and technical talents with necessary basic theoretical knowledge, expertise and strong actual work ability engaged in the professional field, adapt to the needs of production, construction, management, serving the first line.

4. Knowledge Requirements

Master the necessary expertise in mechanical drawing, engineering mechanics, Fundamentals of mechanical design, hydraulic transmission and mechanical manufacture foundation, electrical and electronic technology, computer application, modern enterprise management basic theory and basic knowledge, with CNC machining and programming, applications of SCM, mechanical and electrical equipment testing, maintenance, application installed capacity, with the basic ability of analyzing and solving general practical problems in the professional engineering.

5. Capacity Requirements

1) With the ability to design, transformation of mechanical and electrical equipment, industrial control device

2) With the ability of mechanical and electrical equipment adjustment and maintenance

3) With the operation ability of general mechanical processing and the ability of preparing simple parts process

4) Can be skilled in the preparation of CNC machining program, the operation of ordinary CNC machining of the work piece, with the installation, debugging, the basic skills of ordinary CNC machine tools.

6. Main Courses

Mechanical manufacturing technology, motor drive and control, factory power supply, SCM principles, CNC technology, mechanical and electrical equipment failure analysis and maintenance, etc.

7. Major Practice

Assembly surveying and mapping, operating skills training, basic training in mechanical manufacturing, electrical skills training, computer application and training, machine tools and fixture training, the principle of SCM and application of training, numerical control technology training, etc.

8. Development Trends

1) Intelligent

2) Modular

3) Network

4) Miniaturization

5) Green

6) Systematic

9. Employment Prospects

The graduates are mainly engaged in mechanical and electrical equipment installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and inspection work; can also be engaged in mechanical and electrical products sales and technical services and electromechanical technology application related work.


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