Engineering Degree Program in China - Surveying and Mapping Engineering

1. Introduction

Surveying and Mapping Engineering trains engineering and technical personnel who have knowledge of geodesy, marine surveying, spatial measurement, photogrammetry and remote sensing, map compilation, and can be engaged in measurement engineering, design, implementation and research of map and geographic information system such as construction of national basic surveying and mapping, navigation and management of land, sea, and air vehicles, city or engineering construction, exploration and development of mineral resources, investigation and management of Land resources in different national economic departments. 

2. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of surveying and mapping, the theory of spatial precision positioning and navigation, the basic knowledge of urban and engineering construction and the design, implementation and management of its measurement engineering, theory and technology of photogrammetry and image information processing, theory and technology of map design and compilation. Students should get basic training of scientific research, and have basic ability in surveying and mapping engineering.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Students will master the basic theory and basic knowledge of ground measurement, marine survey, the measurement of air training, the earth's shape and the external gravity field;

2). Students will master the techniques of geodetic survey, engineering survey, ocean survey, mine survey and cadastral survey;

3). Students will master the theory and method of photogrammetry (analytical photogrammetry, digital photogrammetry) and image information processing;

4). Students will master the theory and method of designing and making all kinds of maps using various kinds of information sources;

5). Students can be engaged in the establishment of national geodetic control network, precision positioning and navigation of land, sea and space, large scale digital mapping and cadastral mapping and the establishment of its information system, surveying and mapping and deformation monitoring in various stages of various projects and large buildings, rational exploitation, utilization and environmental remediation of resources (land, mineral, ocean, etc.);

6). Students will know the theoretical frontiers and development trends of modern geodetic surveying, modern industrial measurement, spatial measurement, earth dynamics, ocean surveying, etc.

4. Main Courses

Engineering survey, digital mapping principle and its application, measurement adjustment, GPS, surveying and mapping, remote sensing, CAD mapping.

5. Main Subjects

Surveying and mapping science and technology

6. Practical Teaching

Topographic survey practice, geodetic (control) surveying practice, Control network adjustment calculation practice, photogrammetry practice, practice of engineering surveying, mine surveying practice, practice of cadastral surveying, GPS positioning and navigation practice, remote sensing image processing practice, map compilation practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper).

7. Related Major

Surveying and mapping engineering is a large area, it can be separated into geodetic science and engineering surveying, photogrammetry and remote sensing, cartography and geographic information engineering, spatial information and digital technology, engineering surveying, mining geodesy and cadastral survey.

8. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in technology and management work in relevant departments of land and resources, marine and aerospace departments, mapping departments, seismic geology departments, government departments, teaching and research units.


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