Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation Program in China

1. Introduction

Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation is a comprehensive technology discipline that studies the design, manufacture, operation control and production process of all kinds of industrial machinery equipment and mechanical electrical products, which is to train senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic knowledge and application skills of mechanical design and manufacturing, can be engaged in mechanical manufacturing field for design manufacturing, technology development, application study, operation management and operation and sales and other aspects work in the first line of industrial production.

Mechanical design manufacturing and automation takes mechanical design and manufacturing as the basis, the interdisciplinary subject integrating computer science, information technology, automatic control technology, and main task is using advanced design manufacturing technology theory and method, to solve the complicated technical problems in the field of modern engineering, in order to realize the intelligent product design and manufacturing.

2. Training Objectives

The program trains advanced engineering and technical personnel with the basic knowledge and application ability in mechanical design and manufacture, with the knowledge structure and potential required by new mechanical and electronic products development and management enterprises, also with quality and ability to adapt to scientific research, education, economic and administrative departments or continue to study, can be engaged in the design and manufacture, technology development, application study, operation management and sales and other aspects work in the field of mechanical engineering and automation.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) With solid foundation of natural science, good humanities, arts and social science foundation;

2) Systematically master the professional field of broad basic knowledge of technology and theory, mainly including mechanics, mechanics, electrical and electronic technology, mechanical engineering, materials, mechanical design engineering, mechanical manufacturing basis, basic automation, market economy and enterprise management basic knowledge.

3) With the necessary mapping, computing, experiment, testing, literature search and basic process operations and other basic skills;

4) With the necessary professional knowledge in a professional field, understand the trend of the development of the scientific frontier;

5) With preliminary scientific research, scientific and technological development and organizational management capabilities;

6) With strong self-learning ability and innovation awareness.

4. Main Subjects

Mechanics, mechanical engineering

5. Similar Programs

Material forming and control engineering

6. Curriculum

1) Basic Courses

Higher mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, college physics, experiment of college physics, general chemistry and experiment, engineering drawings, theoretical mechanics, mechanics of materials, basic circuit, mechanical principles, mechanical parts, electronic technology, exchange and technical measurement, engineering materials, metal processing, testing and sensing technology, manufacturing technology based on hydraulic and gas dynamic technology, mechanical and electrical drive control, mechanical engineering comprehensive experiment, computer principle, structure and technique, CAD / CAM, principle and application of single chip microcomputer.

2) Professional Courses

Machinery manufacturing technology, mechanical system design, mechanical and electrical control system analysis and design, mechanical manufacturing equipment design, numerical control technology and application

3) Elective Courses

Mechanical dynamics, software engineering, network technology, multimedia technology and its application, database principle and application, mechanical creative design, industrial robots, mechanical fault diagnosis, literature retrieval, finite element method, the mechanical optimization design, process automation, advanced manufacturing technology, special processing, group technology and CAPP, intelligent introduction to machinery, small machinery introduction, virtual prototype technology, marketing, online detection and control, practical control system design, CNC machine tools and programming.

4) Practical Teaching

Metalworking, electrical working, electronic practice, cognition practice, production practice, social practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper), the general arrangement should be more than 40 weeks.

5) Professional Experiment

Modern manufacturing technology integrated experiment, testing and information processing experiments, CNC machine tools, mechanical parts and mechanical design experiments, etc.

7. Training Directions

1) Mechanical and electrical engineering

2) Mechanical manufacturing and automation

3) Mechanical design and theory

8. Employment Prospects

1) Engaged in the preparation and implementation of mechanical design and manufacturing process planning;

2) Engaged in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other control equipment maintenance and repair work;

3) Engaged in the design and manufacture of process tooling;

4) Engaged in the NC machine tools, machining centers and other high intelligent equipment programming and operation;

5) Engaged in the application of mechanical CAD/CAM technology;

6) Engaged in the field of mechanical design and manufacture of technical management;

7) Engaged in the sales and service of mechanical and electrical products;

8) Engaged in teaching, scientific research and administrative management in colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and state organs;

9) Engaged in mechanical mold design and manufacturing related work.


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