Textile Chemistry and Dying&Finishing Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Textile Chemistry and Dying&Finishing Engineering is the cross discipline of textile and chemical engineering. The program of textile chemistry and dying&finishing engineering is about the development and application of textile chemistry, development of new dyeing and finishing technology, traditional printing and dyeing technology, treatment of printing and dyeing pollution, textile trade, textile testing, etc. Applied chemistry in the field of textile applications is the main content of the program.

2. Training Objectives

The students should master the solid and broad theory and more rich knowledge of textile chemistry and dying and finishing engineering, be familiar with modern testing technique and data processing methods, understand the latest development of textile materials chemistry and dyeing and finishing technology. And they can also get engaged in the research of textile chemical structure and performance, the research and development of textile and chemical testing method and instrument, research and development of new dyeing and finishing technology and new equipment, the method of functional woven fabric dyeing and finishing. Through the accumulation of knowledge and technology, they will become senior engineering and technical personnel in the field of textile chemistry and dyeing and finishing engineering.

3. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry. analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, Basis of synthetic chemistry, Modern analytical technology of polymer, textile materials, New dyeing and finishing technology, new textile material, Fiber chemistry and Physics, dyestuff chemistry, dyeing and finishing process and principle

4. Employment Prospects

"Efficiency, economy and ecology" is the development trend of dyeing and finishing industry. New technology and equipment of textile industry has attracted more and more attention. The textile industry is badly in need of a large number of senior technical personnel who understand the process, the product design, the management, and the trade. 

Graduates are mainly engaged in technical work, management and textile trade and others in enterprises; the production, technology and product development, quality management, marketing and other work in all kinds of modern dyeing and finishing enterprises; the production and sales in the company of the production of dyes and auxiliaries; the documentary and management in the textile trading company; and the  textile quality inspection in Quality Supervision Department.

In addition, graduates can also get engaged in the process design and process parameters adjustment, the analysis of textile products and dyes performance and management of the production technology in the dyeing and finishing enterprises and other departments of textile trade; or the adjustment, operation, maintenance of dyeing and finishing machinery and equipment and development of new technologies, new processes, and new product; and textile marketing.


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