Engineering Degree Program in China - Wind Energy and Power Engineering

1. Introduction

Wind Energy and Power Engineering program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with innovation ability, strong practical ability and good development potential. These personnel have basic ability of design, manufacture, operation, test, research and project investment management of wind turbine and wind farm.

2. Training Requirements

Students in this program mainly study the basic theory of fluid science, mechanics, electrical science and other disciplines and theory and technology of measurement and evaluation of wind energy resources, aerodynamics, mechanical design and manufacture, automatic control. They can receive basic training of professional modern engineer in wind power generation, power engineering.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Master the basic knowledge of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, and aerodynamic design of wind turbine;

2). Master the qualitative and quantitative analysis methods for wind energy development;

3). Have strong theoretical knowledge and basic skills in engineering practice and management;

4). Understand the scientific frontier and development trends of this program;

5). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.

4. Main Courses

Mechanics, electrical science, engineering drawing, computer science, mechanical design and automatic control theory, material science, wind power engineering introduction, wind aerodynamics, principle of wind power generation, wind turbine monitoring and control, measurement and evaluation of wind energy resources, principle and design of wind power unit, wind farm electrical design and control, wind farm operation and maintenance, wind power project development

5. Practical Teaching

Social practice, machine design, design of basic course, metalworking practice, design of microcomputer principle, design of wind turbine, production practice, program practice, graduation practice, the general arrangement should be around 39 weeks.

6. Similar Programs

Thermal energy and power engineering, energy and environmental systems engineering, energy engineering and automation, energy power systems and automation

7. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can go into power generation company, design institute, wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises, wind farms units engaged in measurement and evaluation work of wind energy resources; design and manufacture work of wind turbine; and design, construction, operation and maintenance work of wind farm. They can also be engaged in technical work related to the field of power engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.


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