Microelectronics Science and Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Microelectronics Science and Engineering is a new discipline based on the development of physics, electronics, material science, computer science, integrated circuit design and manufacturing. Microelectronics is the forerunner and the foundation of the electronics science and technology and information science and technology in the 21st century, and the important foundation of the development of the modern high technology and modernization of the national economy. It mainly researches semiconductor device physics, electronic materials, solid electronic device, the design and manufacture technology of the ultra large scale integrated circuit (VLSI), micro mechanical electronic system and computer assisted design.

2. Training Objectives

The program aims to train senior talents with a solid foundation of Mathematics and Physics and electronic technology knowledge, and master the basic theory and method in analysis, design and manufacture of the new microelectronic devices and integrated circuits; to be engaged in research, teaching, technology development, engineering technology, production management and administration in the field of microelectronics.

3. Training Requirements

Microelectronics Science and engineering requires students to have the basic knowledge of mathematics, and physics; master the basic principles of various solid electronic devices and integrated circuits; master basic theory and method of new-type microelectronic devices and integrated circuits ; have good experimental skill; understand the developments and advanced theory and techniques in the field of microelectronic technology; have the ability to innovate; be good at self-learning, and constantly update knowledge.

4. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master the basic theories and knowledge of mathematics, physics and so on;

(2) Master basic theory and knowledge of solid state electronics, microelectronic devices and integrated circuit design and manufacturing, master the method of analysis and design of integrated circuits and other semiconductor device, capable of working on layout design independently, and analyzing device function;

(3) Understand the general principles and knowledge of similar programs;

(4) Be familiar with the policy of electronic industry, related intellectual property rights and other laws and regulations;

(5)Understand the theory, application prospects and the latest development trends of VLSI and other new types of semiconductor devices, as well as the development situation of micro electronics industry;

(6)Master the method of using modern information technology to search for information; do some experimental design, to create the experiment conditions, conduct induction, collation, analysis of the experimental results, with the ability to write papers and to make academic exchanges.

5. Main Subjects

Electronic information science and technology, physics.

6. Main Courses

Higher mathematics,  Fundamentals of circuit analysis and experiment, simulation circuit and experiment, methods of mathematical physics, C + + language, digital circuit and experiment, signal and system experiment, semiconductor physics and experiment, solid state electronics, microelectronic devices, microelectronic integrated circuit, integrated circuit design and manufacturing, electronic design automation, integrated circuit CAD,  experiment of microelectronic technology and integrated circuit and internships.

7. Employment Direction

Senior engineering and technical personnel can be engaged in the design and manufacture of various electronic, optoelectronic materials and devices, integrated circuit systems, research and development of new products and new technologies in the area of Electronic Science and technology, with basic knowledge of Microelectronics and the skills of designing, manufacturing, testing of electronic materials, electronic components, integrated circuit design, and the ability of computer application, and master the basic methods of circuit analysis and design.


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