Urban Rail Transit Control Program in China

1. Introduction

Urban Rail Transit Control program focuses on urban rail transportation in the metropolitan area; trains high-technology application-oriented talents required in the first line of production, service, technology and management in the field of urban rail traffic control, mainly engaged in the organization and management of equipment installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, operation, with good professional ethics and professional qualities.

2. Abilities

Application, testing and maintenance skills of communication signal equipment in urban rail transit

3. Main Courses

Track traffic engineering drawing, introduction to urban rail transit, subway fire fighting and security systems, subway ventilation and refrigeration system, urban rail transit AFC system, elevator principle and maintenance, operation and organization of urban rail transit, subway water supply and drainage system, operation and maintenance of urban rail transit power supply system, vehicle inspection and repair of urban rail transit, video monitoring system

4. Practice Teaching

Principle of communication system, microcomputer interface technology, communication network technology, communications and information technology of intelligent transportation, automatic control principle, automatic control of station signal, train control technology, computer interlocking, track circuit, electric and electronic experiment, computer application practice, equipment practice of communication signal, ATC simulation equipment training, comprehensive graduation practice and so on.

5. Employment Prospects

The graduates are mainly engaged in the use, maintenance, overhaul, management, installation, construction and other work of communication, signal equipment in the railway electronics service departments of urban rail, railway, high-speed railway and large factories.

6. Similar Programs

Urban rail transit vehicles, operation and management of urban rail transit, urban rail transit engineering technology, urban rail transit maintenance.


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