Engineering Degree Program in China - Fashion Design and Engineering

1. Introduction

Fashion Design and Engineering program cultivates senior talents with the knowledge and practical skills of garment design, garment structure technology and garment management, and can get engaged in the marketing, management, advertising and appreciation in the clothing enterprise, factory, and news publishing organization. 

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge and theory of clothing, receive the basic training of clothing design and clothing making, and with the ability of the clothing design, production, management and marketing.

3. Knowledge and Ability

(1). Master the basic theory and knowledge of clothing;

(2) With the knowledge of the humanities and engineering technology, and strong ability of the appreciation of the beauty ;

(3) Master the technology of fashion design and making, with the ability of the combination of arts and skills;

(4). Independently work on the clothing design, and be good at the skill of computer aided design;

(5) Master the functions and characteristics of the clothing materials, with the ability to select, know and develop clothing materials;

(6) With the ability of the management of garment production, market forecasting and marketing

4. Main Subjects

Art, textile science and engineering

5. Main Courses

Clothing design, clothing color and clothing materials, clothing structure, garment pattern and technology, apparel CAD, garment production and management, garment industry plate making, clothing marketing, clothing history, aesthetics, clothing ergonomics.

6. Practical Teaching

Sketch practice, sewing technology practice, garment technology practice, clothing market research, computer practice, graduation design and thesis. Teaching time is not less than 30 weeks.

7. Similar Major

Food science and Engineering, Light chemical engineering, Packaging engineering Printing engineering, textile engineering, clothing design and engineering, grape and wine engineering, food quality and security, architecture.


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