Geodesy and Survey Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Geodesy and Survey Engineering is a branch of earth science. It is not only a basic subject of surveying and mapping science and technology, but also a subject of engineering application.

2. Training Objectives

Geodesy and survey engineering trains high level talents who can be competent for higher education, scientific research or technology research and development and management of large-scale engineering in the field of surveying and mapping. It requires students to have the basic theoretical knowledge of mathematics, computer application, have a solid and deep basic theoretical knowledge of ground measurement and measurement engineering, be in depth understanding of the progress and trends of modern geodetic and surveying engineering, master the theory and method of data acquisition, data analysis and processing of geodetic surveying and surveying engineering, be able to work in scientific research, can be engaged in technical design, planning and implementation of tissue engineering, be skilled in the information processing and processing of geodetic and surveying engineering, have the ability to engage in scientific research in related disciplines, and be able to engage in innovative research work in the frontier of the subject.

3. Research Direction

1). The theory and method of modern geodetic surveying

2). Theory and technology of precision engineering measurement 

3). Theory and technology of safety monitoring

4). Satellite navigation and positioning

5). Theory and method of multi system positioning information fusion 

4. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in teaching and research of relevant programs in colleges and universities; or be engaged in planning, survey design and technical management of the land, city, mining, electric power, water conservancy, communications, geology, transportation, forestry, environment, marine, computer, information, construction, etc., or be engaged in technical management and leadership in related government departments, or be engaged in technology development and technology management in large companies and enterprises.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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