Marine Resources Exploitation Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Marine Resources Exploitation Technology is a core technology of the development and utilization of marine resources. It plays an important and supporting role in the entire marine technology system, and it is important for the exploitation of marine resources.

2. Training Objectives

Marine resources exploitation technology program trains senior talents who have the knowledge of marine fishery, marine oil and gas development, seabed mining, sea water desalination, ocean energy development, and can be engaged in marine high technology, development of marine resources and marine engineering.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Students should master the basic theory and basic knowledge of mathematics and physics;

2). Students should master the basic theory and basic knowledge of marine high technology, master the evaluation method of marine engineering, and have the basic ability to engage in the exploration of ocean;

3). Students should be familiar with the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;

4). Students should know about the domestic and international development trend of marine technology;

5). Students should master the basic methods of information retrieval, document retrieval, and can use modern information technology to obtain relevant information;

6). Students should have a certain ability of experimental design, experimental conditions creation, induction, sorting, analysis of experimental results, papers writing and academic exchanges participation.

4. Main Courses

Biochemistry, marine microbial engineering, marine chemistry, aquatic food chemistry, design of marine biological resources processing plant, marine resource materials science, marine biological resources processing machinery, marine biological resources assessment, processing and utilization of marine biological resources, quality control of marine biological resources, comprehensive utilization technology of marine resources, introduction of marine management.

5. Practical Teaching

Marine practice, graduation thesis, etc.

6. Similar Majors

Marine science, marine technology, marine management, naval architecture and ocean engineering, marine engineering and technology.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in marine biotechnology, comprehensive utilization technology of marine resources, and exploration and development of deep sea resources.


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