Engineering Degree Program in China - Navigation Technology

1. Introduction

Navigation Technology is a strong practical, comprehensive and applied science of studying how to navigate safely and economically from one location to another in an ideal route. 

2. Training Objectives

Navigation Technology program trains senior marine personnel who have the knowledge of marine vessel driving and ship transportation and management, can be engaged in maritime navigation and operation management in ocean transportation enterprises and institutions, and be qualified to be a seafarers.

3. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic theory of modern marine navigation and ship transportation and management, get basic training of identifying and using various charts, navigation instruments and GMDSS, have the ability to command and organize ship navigation independently.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1). Students should master the basic knowledge of marine cargo transportation, operation and management, maritime law and ocean shipping business, etc.;

2). Students should master the basic technology of using and maintaining ship and its equipment;

3). Students should have the initial ability to design route, organize ship navigation and operate GMDSS communications equipment;

4). Students should be familiar with the relevant laws and regulations of maritime and maritime law;

5). Students should know about the development trends of navigation and maritime commerce;

6). Students should master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of doing scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Subject

Transportation Engineering

6. Main Courses

Navigation, ship collision avoidance and navigation on duty, meteorology, structure and equipment of ship, cargo ships, ship safety and management, ship handling, basis of ship radio technology, navigation instrument, shipping business and maritime law, ship principle, introduction of marine engineering, etc. 

7. Practical Teaching

GMDSS, GPS, AIS, compass, radar operation training, ship driving practice, etc.

8. Experiment

Electrical and electronic experiment, ship driving simulation experiment, compass application experiment 

9. Similar Majors

Transportation, traffic engineering, flight technology, marine technology, marine engineering, transportation equipment information engineering, maritime management, logistics engineering, aerospace transportation and control, transportation construction and equipment.

10. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in technology research and operation of navigation, or be an engineering and technical personnel in shipyard, ship main engine factory and other enterprises and institutions and relevant departments of navy, or be engaged in marine vessel driving, operation and management in various enterprises and institutions of ocean transportation.


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